The Warwick Family
Warwick Full.png
Other Names The Warwick Dynasty
Leader Iinux (2).png Linux
Founded Nov 11, 2019
Members Iinux (2).png Linux

Graylynn.png Graylynn
Archiekin.png Archie
OddbirdBlanc.png Oddbird

Historical Information
Past Leaders

The Warwick Family is the ruling family of Stockholm, the union of three municipalities. The family has been involved in various businesses and organizations. Most notably The Nobel Prize and SVT.


The history of The Warwick Family is mostly focused on the main figure of the family, Linux.

Early History

The family came to be when Linux and his wife Graylynn first established their home and first city Uppsala (Now known as Sundsvall) on the 11th of November, 2019.

Soon after the family faced large money issues as their resources and supplies were constantly being raided by outsiders.

The Ascension

After finishing Fjärding Estate, and had fully settled in, Linux and Graylynn were ready to venture out, effectively joining Kalmar Union as they were the current reigning nation of Sweden and Norway. Graylynn came up with the idea of recreating the Nobel Prize to bring other EarthMC players the same enjoyment as they had with building their city. The idea quickly flourished into a fully completed concept. Ready to launch, The Nobel Prize discord went live and caught the attention of a lot of people, generally positive but a fair share of negativity as well. Graylynn and Linux ascended from their Estate and etched a city hall out of the nearby mountain range that their Estate was located upon, within this city hall there was multiple rooms for different purposes, Drottningholms Theater, The Counts Hall and Uppsala City Vault to name a few notable ones. The theatre was meant for the Nobel Prize Ceremony taking place at a later date. During this time, Linux also got offered the position of Minister of Culture within the Kalmar Union.

The Descent

The Family was facing large money issues after the Grand Theft and had to resort to other means of gaining income. The Grand Theft would hurt the family badly as their integrity and trust with the community had been crushed.

The Reclamation

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