Reasons and preparation:

On the 26th of January 2019 troops were gathered to avenge the attack of byzantium. They were gathered by sab2003 of armenia, moope787 of Majapahit, xhyper20 of Poland & Mining_Tzar of Bactria. Forces would meet up in Poland and then they traveled to the north of Grodno.

How it started:

The stategy was to let a knight (kikinators2k18) taunt the enemies while the rest were hiding underground so that kikinators2k18 could lure them down and so that the enemy would get suprised and killed by all underground forces. JokerLow was the one who got baited and he ran after kikinators2k18 and he was almost killed in the hole but he pvp logged many times and eventually told DethLogic about it. This led to Minskanrus gathering 4 people to defend against the byzantium allies. The byzantium allies were around double the size of Minskanrus and therefor Minskanrussian soldiers almost died several times but fled into claims.

Late battle:

For around 30 minutes the byzantium allies had pushed back the minskanrus soldiers but however it got more intense as a few soldiers had left on the byzantium side as they couldn't play. With resources running out on the allied side and with an almost infinite amount of resources from Minskanrus's town that was there even more soldiers decided to leave the battle as their armor were close to broken.

How it all turned:

In the last 5 minutes Minskanrus bought troops with gold to defend and with no resources left on the Byzanitum allied side they retreated to Montego_bay which was the closest town to the north. The allies were now heavily outnumbered and decided to leave as they had already scarred MinskanRus as they hade wasted alot of their resources for example, potions, end crystals etc.


The battle ended with MinskanRus as the winner, because the enemy team left as they ran out of resources.

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