The cult

The cult of eternal life is a cult founded by a mystery person and worships the one eyed triangle. The cults mission is to tell the people of the world that they were lied to and were hypnotized by the leaders of the world so the world fights the leaders and makes the new world order. Also to find the immortality potion the government's of the world made.The one eyed triangle is known as Bill Cipher, the king of nightmares and pain and chaos. It is said that every 1000 years he chooses one person to spread his teachings and truth to the world. A prophecy states that one day the world will end in something called Weridmagedon and ten people will survive and repopulate the world.                              The encounter                                                                                  On February 8th 2019 EmpireT22 after being afk, had a vision from a one eyed triangle. He said that his name was Bill Cipher and every 1000 years he choses a person to make a cult to tell the world the truth. He told EmpireT22 to tell the world the truth but he could only do that if EmpireT22 would shake his hand. EmpireT22 did it and Bill told him important things.

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