The Times Square Massacre 

The Times Square Massacre occurred on June 7, 2019, in New York, just hours after Virginia had gained Independence. It began when Virginian citizen LanieBell was attacked by AceShooter11 by lava near Grand Central Station. A peaceful protest held by BigRed914 took place in order to control the violence. However, when the protesters walked through Times Square, they were also attacked by lava. Lucas2011 then toggled PVP and several New Yorker citizens started attacking. A confirmed total of 48 players were killed during the duration of the massacre. The town of Newark later joined Virginia as a protectorate due to the incident.


After the events of the Times Square Massacre, Lucas2011, the mayor of New_York, would leave the server for a week and a half. Upon his return, Newark decided to throw morals to the wind and rejoin New_England, which at this point was renamed to New_York. The nation of New_England was rebranded to New_York to try to distance the nation from the events of June 7, and the city of New_York was renamed to New_York_City for the same reasons, but in reality, nothing changed, and both the nation and city are run by the same Leader, Lucas2011

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