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Tokyo is the capital of Japan on EarthMC. It is located in central Japan and currently owned by Sairene. The current Tokyo originates back to the Choshi district from the Second Japanese Empire                               


Tokyo has currently X districts and two designated for public buildings.

Tokyo Central: Center of the city, home of the Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree(under construction)

Tokyo West: Located around the massive Sakura tree, home to the old Imperial Palace, the National Sumo stadium and the National Museum. This will also be the home of the National Tokyo Central station.

Akihabara: A modern district designed for commercial purposes

Chiba-Shinjuku: A modern district with irl skyscrapers such as the Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower or the Sompo building. Plots will be sold to foreigners and other japanese citizens at one point

Omitama: The modern suburb district of Tokyo designated for Tokyo's citizens. Located in the North East


The Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Area has had many towns through the time of Terra Nova. The first town in this area was made back in November 2018 by Japan's first Emperor LostInMoonlight. The town disbanded due to inactivity three months later in January.

Shortly after, an american group of friends decided to make Chiba together and became the most active Japanese town through a short time. Their claims focused on the Boso Peninsula(Chiba Prefecture) but they started slowly claiming up the old ruins of Tokyo.

Meanwhile, a town in north-eastern Tokyo called Omitama was made by 64Discussions. He wanted to make a russian-Japanese town but as he changed up his town, it started looking more and more japanese.

After the collapse of the first Japanese Empire, Chiba and Omitama became inactive and no changes would be seen in Tokyo until Fen's announcement of a Japanese revival. He revealed his plans which indicated he wanted many small towns to inhabit Tokyo. In early May 2019 he made the town of Ashikaga and Neon_Krby made Choshi. Shortly after, AmeleAthens created the 2nd Tokyo. Each of these towns stood out, and together they formed the greater Tokyo Metropolitan area. Ashikaga was the Japanese Capital, Tokyo stood out for its beautiful traditional buildings and Choshi had a large population. Choshi claimed Omitama after its disbandment and Chiba was split in half between Choshi and 2nd Tokyo.

During the clan war period of Japan Ashikaga and 2nd Tokyo fell into inactivity. Neon_Krby, the mayor of Choshi, used this to his advantage and he managed to buy those two towns using his friend's accounts. He then proceeded to save up and ended up claiming the territories of those two towns with help in donations from people such as alek_b, KawadaJP and FenZenyatta.

In January 2020 Tokyo was sold to Synargle, but it wasn't until April that restoration works began. In April, FenZenyatta and KawadaJP pushed for large changes together and the town was starting to look better and better. The town's buildings were neglected by Neon_Krby and massive amounts of Podzol were found everywhere. The massive hollow claims in the middle of the town were also claimed up.