Tonitoperf (also known as Tonito, or MA BOI) entered the game in Earthmc classic. Tonitoperf started his journey in Caen, France. In Caen Ranford and 12345Ford (Forgot the numbers sry) helped him build a small town in Africa. This town was called French Congo until later changed to Pointe Noire. Tonitoperf was active in many wars and then joined the African Confederacy and left and joined Earthera for the memes. He quit at the announcementof Terra Nova.

Famous Quote "If we manage to pull this off... well it'll be an upset," - Tonitoperf as he climbed up the wall into Berlin during the Occupation of the EU.

He started Terra Nova early in Discord when it wasn't even out. He was part of Portugal until all the high ranking members left and he was king. At the dawn of Terra Nova he became a merchant. he traveled the lands until he settled in Germany. he then left to Tunisia and established the Kingdom of Tunisia.

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