Israeli EarthMC Player.

I joined somewhere mid July, I spawned in what is now the nation of Qing, as a Israeli man, I wanted to go to Israel and start a town there, like my IRL town- Yavne. I wanted to create a town called Yavne on the shores of Israel like its real geographic place. The nation leader of The Republic of Rio Grande, BigshotWarrior, invited me to his town- RioGrandeValley. I had 0 gold to form a town so I joined. the nation was 1 week old, I joined few days after the constintusion was created. I grew up fast in the nation and the server it self. I became a Senator in the nation few weeks after I joined. I met notable people f.e: Natezaa (leader of New_Mexico), Cubs_ (Leader of NorthRio), Dusty_Camera (veteran senator which built a massive port) and many more good people. ShinyLuxary, August.

The 1st Civil war in Rio Grande has been declared, we fought hard and won, the nation of Niger tried to take us down, they failed but made 3 major town to leave the nation, a senator by the name of North_Paso (mayor of Killeen) tried to unite all the nations in Texas, he succeeded, after a month he lost control and a 2nd Civil war has been declared by Jah_The_Lord, he lost the war and left to Cuba, I created the Rio Grande Valley Police Department and became to the Police Chief, 1 month later I became 5 Star War General of Rio Grande Militia and mobilized the nation army with bigshot help.

in the time im typing

20:02 PM 6/11/2019: Tony do is best to protect the nation from enemies and keeps the streets of Rio Grande Valley clear.

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