Rules you must follow while Making a town

Following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • costs 64 gold.
  • Can't be in another towns claims.
  • Must be 10 chunks away from another town.
  • Command to make a town is /t create (town name)

Town Ranks

There are a multitude of ranks that mayors can give to their citizens. Each ranks comes with its own unique set of permissions and functions, which apply to the citizen only. The following list showcases all available ranks to hand out.

  • Can invite players to a town (cannot kick)
  • Can set up plots for sale
  • Can remove plots


  • Can build in the entire town on any plots
  • Trusted
  • Councillor
  • Tax-exempt
  • Police

These ranks can be given and taken away with the following command; /t rank {add | remove} {playername} {rankname}

Overall, residents and their ranks can be checked with the /t ranklist command.

Town Permissions

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