Triple Point is a town found at the confluence of lakes Superior, Huron, and Michigan, hence giving it the name Triple Point. It was founded on November 10th, 2018, by the former EMC Classic player Arcangeist and has been under his control since. 


Triple Point is one of the oldest towns on the EMC Terra Nova server and one of the first towns to join Iroquois (Wabanaki) when the nation came to be. In December of 2018, Triple Point left Iroquois for the United States due to their expansions and the town eventually becoming an enclave for Wabanaki. The town remained in the United States until it fell in February of 2019 and returned to Iroquois. Triple Point has been part of Iroquois since.


The town is located at the intersection of lakes Superior, Huron, and Michigan, making it one of the most geographically unique towns in the entire server. The town's city hall is located on IRL St. Joseph's Island; an island nestled at the westernmost area of the Northern Channel connected to Lake Huron. The town has no direct water access to Lake Michigan, however has expanded in that direction.

City Design

The town of Triple Point has never held more than four players at a time within its borders, leaving its population density to be relatively low. The town follows a suburban style dispursion of buildings and are zoned according to purpose. There are currently only five buildings, however plots have been designated along the southern side of the town. The town also is not very destructive of its surroundings. You will find that enormous trees have not been removed, leaving a canopy of green among the households. Bridges, canals, and railways allow navigation at every corner while using dirt pathways to keep the appearance more reserved and natural.


City Hall

Bruce Building

Polyglot Center

Shops: 1

Residential homes: 3


Paloma University/SUNGL






Paloma University (SUNGL)

After joining the United States, Arcangeist had made plans for a functioning in-game university that would offer classes of a wide array. At the time, the town was in the state of the Northern Great Lakes, as designated by the United States government. In hopes that the government would fund his ambitions, Arcangeist named the school State University of the Northern Great Lakes, also known as SUNGL (sun-gull). After the fall of the United States, Arcangeist renamed the school Paloma University in remembrance of his former town on EarthMC Classic; Paloma. The project has been put on hold as Arcangeist has out-of-obligations to focus on.

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