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Troms and a whole new nation which was erected on 9/4/2021 by Favalli.

Location : 2712, -12736 in the mountainous regions of Norway being part of Scandinavia with its ancestral Viking culture and history that we keep by being the most RP. The name "Troms" therefore refers to a Norwegian region with an area of ​​25877 km² IRL. Today our goal is to restore the glory of yesteryear to the Vikings and its culture by growing our kingdom so that it passes from shadow to light.


In the year of 2021 two young explorers from Siberia land on the coast of Norway. Their fascination is such for this magnificent place, teeming with life in the surroundings, who decide to settle and found Narvik there on 03/29/2021. At the very beginning this small hamlet with an old fort abandoned by the elders for its middle, then the days passed and the city did not stop growing new settlers arrived filled with hope of the French speakers of the English all fascinated by these marvellous places. Two weeks later it was no longer a small hamlet or even a city but a real kingdom which would be called Troms as our Viking ancestors who died many years ago wanted, and at its head 2 kings called _M0nsters and Favalli which aims to restore the glory of yesteryear to Narvikviking. Now it's been a month since the city was created from our small colony at the beginning we have become today an Empire dominated by a strong independent city which will not cease to extend just in the depths of Scandinavia.