Tropisch is a modern town in the western part of Panama. founded early on in Panama.


Early History.

Made In Early November. As soon as the town started, construction on a tower began.

Organized Crime

Eventually, Tropisch would become the center of Mafia activity and Panama, and start an illegal drug market that circulated through out Panama, and eventually into other nations. In Britain, Mafia members were charged with racketeering. soon, the Panama Marines would step down on all illegal mafia activity and the mafia surrendered. Later tensions between East and West Panama (Wanama) rised. The mafia merged with MS-13 to form a national militia for Wanama.

Continued History

Tropisch was disbanded by _SmileySkeleton_ after a certain challenge. But later on it was remade, tearing down many old buildings and started new in some areas to make the town look nicer. The Church, which after the fall of Tropisch was turned into a mosque and griefed, was reconstructed.


  • One Tropic Center
  • Iglesia Catolica De Nuestra Senorita
  • Tropisch Treasury

Notable people


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