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Turkish Rebellion of Seperatism
Part of GRE-Turkish Conflict
Map of Anatolia.png
Map of Anatolia in 2020
Date 2020-Ongoing
Location Anatolia
Result GRE Victory
  • Most of the land taken back by SPQR however no the war never ended
* SPQR Lost some land
  • In Late 2020 Turkey lost
    most of its land
Flag of Byzantine.pngSPQR Adsadsdsdasasdsdads.pngRepublic Of Turkey
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Byzantine.pngCorruptedGreed Adsadsdsdasasdsdads.pngTBD
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

Part of a series on the
History of
Independent Nation (2019–2020)
GRE-Turkish Conflict 2019
GRE-Turkey War 2019
Merged With Byzantium (2020-Ongoing)
Creation of SPQR 2020
Turkish Rebellion 2020

Turkish Rebellion of Separatism is the major civil war that erupted primarily in Anatolia region of SPQR, a Province of Greater Roman Empire in late June. It is the outcome of a 1.5 years-long series of conflicts and disagreements. One must understand the events that have lead up to the Rebellion to better understand the motives of both sides.

October 2019 - April 2020

On October 2019, former Turkey was at the peak of its size and was exhausted due to fighting non-stop for 8 months. The result was an Anatolia devastated by war, with Byzantium and Turkey having towns within each other, a border agreement was impossible without serious sacrifices. Neither Byzantium nor Turkey wanted to continue fighting, yet there was no way it could be ended. Then a rumor spread amongst some Byzantium mayors with close ties to Turkey about unification, and they have asked the Turkish leader TurkDarthJoker whether such an event could unfold. The answer was a simple ''No.''. The days following this, the Turkey Minister of Foreign Affairs FzU and former Vezir altay9999 proposed unification to Byzantium Leader CorruptedGreed, who agreed. Shortly after, Turkey Leader TurkDarthJoker was informed and called to the negotiations on 10.10.2019. Later on, Prime Minister of Turkey Omereise, Minister of Inner Affairs Altine, former Turkey leader Magredon, Exarch of Italia 32Ogre, and Holy Patriarch of G.R.E. YellowVictini have joined the negotiations. It took roughly a month to finally form the basis of the Unification.

  1. The new nation would be called SPQR. (Proposed by G.R.E., accepted formally by the P.M. Omereise, and later by the Turkish Government)
  2. The Sultan of Turkey would receive the rank Kephale in the G.R.E. Imperial Council ( Proposed by G.R.E., accepted by Turkey)
  3. A mosque would be built in Constantinople. (Proposed by Turkey, accepted by G.R.E.)

In the following 4 months after the Unification Day, ( 23.12.2019), Anatolia was stable, with little to no internal issue. Those who did not wish to remain in SPQR fled to Austria, a nation established and ruled by the Former Leader of Turkey, Magredon. Turks would only interact with one another in their group. Aside from TurkDarthJoker, Erimzy, and Darkn3ssxD, there was no communication between the two groups. Towards the end of March 2020, a conflict started between Erimzy and Magredon. A Turkish resident wanted to leave Austria for Erimzy's town Sivas, SPQR. For Austria's side, the resident wishing to live in SPQR was because of the persuasion done by Erimzy, but in reality, the resident was not messaged by any member of SPQR prior to or during the event. Tragically, this information was not known to them during the first moments of the fighting. What this new and long-gone resident created was a chain of events that has drastically changed Anatolia forever.

April 2020

Austrians destroying the Mosque of Konya, while the Kaiser Magredon and Erimzy heavily insult each other in turkish.

The small conflict was all about insulting. Erimzy and his friends would heavily insult Magredon, swears being based upon the Kaiser's ethnicity. The skirmish did not include any physical combat in the first weeks. During the first day, Magredon insulted the SPQR Turks, by calling them ''Offsprings of Byzantium''. This conflict, because of the language, quickly became popular among the Turkish community of the server, both in Austria and SPQR. Towards the 3rd week, Turks of SPQR has started a 6-hours-long negotiation with TurkDarthJoker, Consul of G.R.E. Their wish was to leave SPQR, and re-establish Turkey, under him. The Consul refused to go with this plan, declaring it would be a betrayal to the agreement and the G.R.E. At this point, TurkDarthJoker was an active member of the community, and he was fully integrated into the G.R.E. Government and politics. He promised that he would talk with GRE about a possible Turkey, outside of GRE. TurkDarthJoker has also stated in the negotiation with the Turks that he would help a Turkish state, on the condition that he remains in SPQR. This event shows the terrible result of keeping the Turks away from the GRE community, and not persuading the sides to communicate with one another. The next day, three Turks, RandomWisdom, Altine, and EbicMemer left SPQR and fled to India, to establish a colony for Austria. Altine destroyed the ancient Mosque of Konya, located in her town Konya. She disbanded her town, under the request of Magredon, and was offered gold by ther077, an Austrian who has boosted the country with his way of gold mining. RandomWisdom has given his town to someone else, and EbicMemer disbanded his town after discovering it was raided by TurkDarthJoker and Erimzy. they thought he would disband it just like Altine did, But EbicMemer stated he was going to hand it over to someone from GRE. During the deconstruction, Magredon and Superaktif attacked TurkDarthJoker, who was collecting the remains of the old mosque. This deconstruction and rebellion were persuaded by Magredon and unknown officials in the Austrian Government. They were later proved by the statements of the Turks who fled and recordings they shared. What persuaded them to rebel was, ''the hope for Magredon to be better in future'' and ''there was little hope for a Turkey outside of GRE''. Altine, months after the event, talked with TurkDarthJoker to reveal her thoughts. She stated ''I was planning on leaving EMC, so the event was barely something emotional for me. I was leaving and did not really care about lying and betraying my friends I was never going to see them again, and I was mistaken about Magredon''. The records and every little detail about this event remain to this day. This betrayal heavily changed the view of TurkDarthJoker about the Turks of EMC, and made him more aggressive and objective towards them. Erwinning, Kaiser of Austria, later made TurkDarthJoker and Magredon talk things through, and they ended the hostility, though Erimzy continued his hatred for Austria.

May 2020 - June 2020

ther077 sending the gold to Erimzy.

The following two months were peaceful and quiet for SPQR. Austria had a bigger Turkish community, and SPQR Turks were barely active, as was the Austrian Colony in India. Tranquility ended, however, when Kayseri, formerly New_Ankara (Dalektv) , temporarily left SPQR due to personal reasons. This leaving was nothing related to any EMC nation, or event. Yet it started a call for Turkey once again among the SPQR Turks. This time, Turks were ok with being a part of GRE. They wanted a Turkey Province. Praetorian Prefect TurkDarthJoker started negotiating with G.R.E. again, about why and how it should be made. During the negotiations, no rebellion has occurred aside from one event. Erimzy left Sivas to his friends and joined the Islamic State. There he formed a friendship with the community and tried to get them to attack Austria. No further information is known about his intention, but we can conclude that this attempt did not end successfully for him. The hatred between the two Turkish communities was always a matter, although not on a serious level. Erimzy became inactive throughout the last weeks of May, and the first weeks of June, Until suddenly he revealed his intentions to establish Turkey again, but this time he would be the one to lead it. The day he explained his plan, he made peace with the Turks he hated in Austria, and stated about making peace, ''There isn't a single drop of dignity in this action, I'm aware''. His reasons for establishing Turkey were ''boredom, ongoing peace and devoid of any serious conflict around him''. He quickly started talking with people, negotiating with Turks of Austria, to leave their towns in Europe and India to come to help him. Erimzy offered TurkDarthJoker the chance to join the nation, and informed if he were to refuse, he would never allow him to join T.R. TurkDarthJoker, personally, saw this as another betrayal to him. He later also joined the movement, first to observe then to remain as an intelligence agent. Erimzy received 1024 Gold from the Austrian Turk ther077, and started the rebellion on 19.06.2020 by establishing the nation Turkish Republic.

(From here onward, some information will not be shared with the public since the conflict is still going)

June 2020 - August 2020

First days of the Turkish Invasion

Erimzy negotiating with G.R.E.

President Erimzy, a few days after establishing the nation, started talking with Ancient Egypt for an alliance. Later, out of formality, he negotiated with Augustus CorruptedGreed and demanded the territories of the towns T.R. was controlling as well as some areas in the Middle East and Eastern Asia Minor to be given to the Turkish Republic. In exchange, President Erimzy offered peace and an alliance with Ancient Egypt. Augustus CorruptedGreed refused the terms. A.E. later allied with the Turks reluctantly, stating: ''We allied them only because they were fighting G.R.E., we would rather see TurkDarthJoker as the leader than Erimzy'' After discovering Erimzy was planning to attack them. The first weeks saw people leaving Austria (Omereise, Altine, and RandomWisdom) to establish towns for T.R. Austrian Erwinning stated this was done without his approval, and he was not informed. Even though Magredon was aware of the departures, it is not known why he refused to stop them or inform the Kaiser. 2 weeks after the establishment of the rebel state, a massive invasion of Turkic people started. This was not started or caused by any member of T.R., and they were in shock, just like the whole world. This invasion astronomically boosted the population and activity, with big towns like Ankara, Kayseri and Samsun gaining around 80 residents in the first weekend alone. However, this invasion also heavily reduced the stability of the young republic, which was already suffering from distrust and hatred among the members, as a result of the events of April. Erimzy planned an attack on Constantinople and announced it everywhere. G.R.E. and Austria defended the city, and killed many Turkish mayors. the Turkish Republic following these events remained defensive, and focused on establishing towns. The Republic's borders reached the Balkans, Caucasus and the Middle East. Austria attacked the new Turks of T.R. quite commonly. and helped G.R.E unofficially. TurkDarthJoker has stopped several town establishments by revealing the names of the mayors and the location of the potential new towns. On the first week of August, he left T.R officially, stating ''the toxicity and distrust within the nation proves the inefficiency of the state, and it is now proved this country won't achieve any success, I am leaving to join to those who respected me.'' Following this, Erimzy left the nation to Altine, who was ruling Manastır in southern Balkans at the time and fled to Austria. Many big towns of T.R. also joined SPQR. Under Altine, there was an increase in stability, and the republic continued to grow under her leadership. On 26.08.2020 in the afternoon, T.R. attacked the city of Ankara, under the provocation of TurkDarthJoker. The attack resulted in the President Altine dying near Lidya. The event heavily reduced their morale.

September 2020

Sivas being surrounded by SPQR towns.

September has remained as the month which saw the most conflict between G.R.E. and Turkish Republic. T.R. has established Lazikkiye and Istanbul in Western Anatolia, the former bordering Troy, the latter bordering Constantinople. SPQR has established towns to block the expansion of these two towns. The T.R. capital Sivas also fully surrounded by 3 SPQR towns, the city could not expand anywhere.These counter-attacks created a inner-conflict within T.R., OmerPasa and AlitheGhaznavid were not happy with their towns being blocked, and they were angry at Altine for not warning them before it happened. Altine not being able to do anything to stop the blocking resulted with the towns being disbanded by their mayors. AlitheGhaznavid and OmerPasa left T.R. for a month. This event shocked T.R. OmerPasa has supported G.R.E. for a short while, before leaving EMC ''for good.'' Aydın, a town in western Smyrna, has agreed upon leaving T.R. under the light of recent events. The mayor Asasella has joined G.R.E., and later disbanded his town under the request of August CorruptedGreed. At this point, it was clear the young republic had a big weakness. When they are defeated in a battle, or when they lose a town, this broke their morale, makes them lose their composure. G.R.E.'s weakness was, the community who was fighting the turks were the turks of G.R.E. The better fighters of the empire could not aid them because of the time difference. However, the capital Sivas was always under attack, by many nations across the globe. At one point, the capital was ''taken'' by the chinese because Altine left the town pvp enabled, resulted with the chinese killing everyone on sight for hours, including the turks

October 2020

The best month of Turkish Republic since the fleeing of Erimzy. OmerPasa has returned to T.R. and established his town Manastır. greekenderman has betrayed G.R.E. once again, and gave his town Thessaloniki, an importand and old town in the Aegean Sea to Omereise. OmerPasa later made his friends establish towns across Balkans, increasing the turkish presence there immensely. However, there were serious issues beyond the almighty façade. OmerPasa and Omereise were having issues with each other. We now know thanks to the conversations we have made with the turks of T.R. that, the young republic was never the best place in which two men could have a good debate, cricitize each other respectfully, and share a sense of friendship. It was divided, hardly anyone had respect for the other, barely any member was open to criticism. In the following month, we'll see the huge effect of this truth. By October 2020, many turkish mayors had been banned for many reasons. Combined with the inactivity of those who joined the community after the invasion of July, decreases in the number of T.R. towns could be observed. The town of Samsun, established by Omereise 1.5 years ago, fell due to his mayor being banned. It was the oldest town within T.R. Despite everything, their morale was shockingly high.

November 2020

The worst month for the Turkish Republic. Inner fights led roughly 20 towns to leave Turkish Republic. This change-of-hearth was the result of a major debate, TurkDarthJoker and turkish leaders have made many debates in front of the new turks. It was the result of these that the turks cleared their prejudice for G.R.E. These were the arguments and counter arguments :

Turkish Republic :

  • T.R. fights for the independence of turks, full control of Inner and Eastern Asia Minor. Being ruled under a non-turk is not acceptable.
  • G.R.E. did not respect the argument they made with Turkey, back in November 2019. A mosque has not been built in Constantinople.
  • Being in G.R.E. is unacceptable for the turks, since they have little to no permission to control their own foreign affairs.
  • G.R.E. views and treats turks as a 2nd class ethnicity. They have no independence.

Greater Roman Empire :

  • Anatolia and Balkan turks answer to no one but TurkDarthJoker and OmerPasa. SPQR is no absolute monarchy.
  • Certain people were responsible with the construction of the Mosque, it has not been cancelled, it was under construction and careful planning. But even though it was not part of the argument, G.R.E. did not force the turks to speak English, they did not forbid them to hang Turkey flags, and they aided the turks with hundreds of golds, when te turks requested it.
  • The EMC community is two years old. And throught her time, T.R. has gained 0 political victory. G.R.E. is allied with many strong empires, much better at dealing with foreign relations. And the turks in Imperial Council are able to handle and influence foreign affairs. These shows that the foreign relations should not be handled by new, inexprenced turks with bad English. G.R.E. has and can make alliances and treaties more efficiently than T.R.
  • Turks of G.R.E. are not discriminated, they are able to participate in the elections,and their regions are not controlled by non-turk Prefects. Throughout its history, G.R.E. has had two turkish Consuls, and four turkish Praetors (Consul = the Prime Minister of the Empire, Praetor = Five monthly elected senators who aid the Consul). To summarize, the G.R.E. offers the prestige, freedom (of speech, to vote, of religion) and political privilages T.R. has and can never achieve.

After the departure of 20 towns, the leader Altine has started making negotiations with the empire. She wanted T.R. to enter G.R.E. as a Province. She has admitted, along with her mayors that T.R.can not gain the political power G.R.E. has.For unknown reasons, she has left the negotiations and countined to fight. Later she commented : ''My people did not want peace, I am just doing what they want.'' But, some turks of T.R. has added that this was not the case, and the continuation of war was a decision left to Omereise and Altine only .Many turks in T.R. does not enjoy the war. What is causing the discrepancy is unknown.Okayra, a turkish mayor in SPQR has also left SPQR to join T.R., why he made this decision is unkown to both sides.

December 2020

Continuation of the decline. Okayra and benkediyim31 requested to be banned. Prior to being banned, they have disbanded their towns. ther077 has also disbanded his town, but did not get himself banned. Negotiations with T.R. mayors and SPQR has made a few more mayors to join G.R.E. Fluex2K was kicked from Austria due to him attacking SPQR for no given reason. He joined T.R. shorthly after. He targets the turkish community only.

Banned Players

So called mod-bias of G.R.E. was a commonly used propoganda by T.R. and T.R. supporters. Here, we show the names of the banned players, and why were they banned.

Turkish Republic :

  • Ferhat5534 : Hacker
  • Shantick : Alt of Omereise
  • Oxthrys : Warned five times, appeals have not been accepted due to clear video evidences.
  • NoEfso : Warned five times, serious charges + did not try to appeal, has entered the server with alts many times, whether he still does or not is unknown
  • KedyPasha : Hacker
  • Erimzy : Serious doxxing, continues to enter the server with alts
  • AgentKaught : Doxxing
  • Okayra : Doxxing, later commented he wanted to be banned, continues to enter the server with alts
  • Benkediyim31 : Serious doxxing, requested to be banned

Three players were mistakenly banned and were later unbanned after appealing :

  • Altine : Hacker (It was a server bug, was recorded and banned by a neutral moderator)
  • Omereise : Doxxing (revealed the informations on private only)
  • Benkediyim31 : Accessing the server with a fake account ( Later showed evidence about the originality of his account)

Greater Roman Empire :

  • yunansavar_yagiz : Alt of OmerPasa

Many turks have lost the access to the server for their accounts was fake. Their account passwords were suddenly changed. The exact list is nearly impossible to make due to how commonly this occurs. Most important cases are Vwashy (SPQR) and RandomWisdom (T.R.).

The evidences that led to the T.R. people being banned can easily be optained and examined. For more informations, contact TurkDarthJoker#3894 on Discord.

In Conclusion

T.R. fights for the sake of fighting. Their self-given ethnic identity is what causing them to fight against ''Byzantine''. They do not seek peace. Their sole desire is war, and they rarely spend their time to find a meaning, or a reason, a casus-belli for it. Greater Roman Empire only tries to defend his nation, and borders. No aggresiveness will be shown to the community of T.R. once the war is over.