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'''August 1st'''
'''August 1st'''
* The Cascadian Presidential ends in a tie after an admin deleted the votes of Canadian Rockies residents.
* The Cascadian Presidential ends in a tie after an admin deleted the votes of Canadian Rockies residents.
'''August 2nd'''
* Three nations were disbanded in 5 five minutes:
# Grand_Australia [17h22 / 5h22 PM]
# Zhonghua [17h24 / 5h24 PM]
# Rule4.1 [17h26 / 5h26 PM]

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Stabilization Era
January 21st - May 23rd

Turmoil Era

Illusory Era

The following events occurred during the Turmoil Era:


  • The server gets a massive Towny update, adding TownyElections, plot groups, new permission for nation members, and more.
  • The server gets hacked through a non-properly firewalled dedicated server, causing mess and fear in the community;
  • The server gets updated to 1.15.2 and the player limit is lowered to 125 again;
  • Gold gets increasingly hard to get, over-mining, less gold in gold crates all lead to almost only towns that are at least 6 months old being able to be 100 chunks +
  • A great war occurs in Late April 2020


January 21st

  • The Hacking of EarthMC takes place. Staff believes it was two people that managed to get into the server's admin control and teleported everyone in the server to London and started bombing the place. These two people also started to delete people from the EarthMC discord chat. As a result, the server was under maintenance for over 4 days in order to fix all backdoors and rollback London.

January 23rd

  • EMC Anti-Weeb Initiative is formed during downtime.

January 25th

January 26th

  • The server was reopened to the public
  • The Pacific Republic declares independence from Cascadia
  • The nation of Laurentides is created.
  • The Shimazu Qing War comes to an end, as Qing absorbs the town of Arttown
  • Niger leaves The Alliance Of Regional Powers to pursue power & independence

January 27th

January 28th

January 29th

  • Alliance Of Regional Powers comes to an end.
  • Padpai, a notable figure of the EarthMC community announces his departure.
  • California joins the American Order

January 30th

February 2020

February 1st

  • New York holds a historic vote to leave The United States
  • Spanish Sahara joins The United African Union
  • 32Doct_fr and Silve permanently banned under suspicion of duping
  • AFK timeout is extended from 15 to 45 minutes

February 2nd

  • The Exarch of Nubia is exposed to being bribed by a GRE Senator to secure their position as Praetor.

February 4

  • Fuze announces he will return to EMC in March for the 2nd Season.

February 5th

February 6th

  • The nation of Kansas is founded
  • Omoshiroi_Sana, a well-known player in Asia, is banned

February 7th

February 8th

February 9th

February 10th

February 12th

  • The Siamese-Vietnamese War comes to an end
  • The United States officially dissolves, two months after it's an initial collapse
  • The town of Donezk was founded

February 13th

  • F5, infamous spawn trapper and rampant violator of server rules is permanently banned

February 14

  • Svalbard writes their Constitution, becomes democratic, elections March 1st

February 15th

  • The vast empire of Rupert's Land splits up after the Royal Council agrees to go their own separate ways. Seven new nations are formed as a result.
  • People spawn at Vanuatu to raid Fiji with a person called caityy_spencee spawn killing people and tricking people to go to Fiji for free beacons.

February 18th

  • King of Kings Skildo travelled to Central Asia to create the nation of Parthia.
  • Mayor 268 declared independence from Rupert's Land to create the nation of HBC.

February 19th

  • Idle time is down from 45 minutes to 25 minutes.

February 21st

  • After almost 2 years of Tribubb leading New Zealand, Tribubb decides to retire being the leader of New Zealand, makes himself emperor and gives Mochoimochi Prime Minister. Today, the capital of New Zealand was changed from the 5th oldest town in the server, Wanganui to Auckland.

February 22nd

  • The nation of KAPSK was created
  • Server updates to 1.15.2 following a "shaky" transition. This marks the 'New Beginning', where European settlers discover the first bee in existence, perhaps from the New World. This may mark a new era, but this is still up to debate.

February 25th

February 27th

  • Gallegos Pact is created.

February 28th

  • The new eras of the Crowded era, the Stabilization era, and the Turmoil era are created, taking the flooding era events and splitting them up into small groups.
  • creation of the military-economic organization UFN United Federation of Nations by dukasv with Pandir
  • Server size now 175
  • Due to a glitch, for 45 seconds, all players could access all doors and chests on the server, as well as attack every other player. The server was immediately closed.

February 29th

  • Sibir guarantees the autonomy of the Bukovina Republic it can declare its independence whenever Bukovina Republic is ruled by the pandir
  • The nation of Fiji gets recreated with the capital town being the same name, Muani. Nation leader Slackass recreates a spawn trap and starts to spawn kill people.
  • Some people proclaim holy war against Beeism.
  • The President of Cascadia, Estonian_Mapping, left for mysterious reasons, leaving the discords he controlled to various citizens of Cascadia.
  • The Golden Apple Casino opens in Lixus, becoming the first full-scale casino since Nepal's CasinoRoyale.
  • Nyasa, Congo and Kalahari leave the Nubian Empire

March 2020

March 1st

  • Prime minister of Svalbard, Sefr0n gets elected. The first prime minister in Svalbard's history.
  • In Britain, After a term of Warriorrr's office expired, The new Prime Minister, Angloist gets elected.
  • In Salish, JTPilfered is elected as new Chancellor beating out his competitor thegamingsquirel.
  • UnbentGODFATHER was elected as the Eighteenth President of Cascadia

March 2nd

March 3rd

March 6th.

  • GeorgeMichaeI buys Glacier Bay for 964 gold and reforms the government

March 7th

  • Yemen takes control of Nubia, making Nubia the biggest colony in history at /n list 1.
  • UnbatedAura is unbanned just before his player data would be wiped

March 8th

  • The Prime Minister of Svalbard is impeached, after being inactive for 7 days straight.

March 10th

March 12th

  • PLC (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth) is created

March 15th

  • Fix places one bamboo in china, the first of it in the world
  • Poms24, the leader of Oz, finds the piece of bamboo and plants it in his town. Once this is discovered, an extremely large group of players flock to Oz to witness the sight. It ends in PVP being enabled and player deaths.
  • After multiple hours of harassment and attacks, poms24 decides to put 13 pieces of bamboo around the map. As of March 16, only 4 have been found by BreachDGates, UnbatedAura, B_Brothers, and Ghost_Rock_.
  • These players decide to spread the bamboo and within a day, most active players own at least one stick of bamboo.
  • The Midwestern Union changes there name to The North American Union.
  • "The Commonwealth" has been created with the union of the PLC and the Kingdom of Russia.

March 17th

  • Nazi Germany has been reformed as a German rebel nation.
  • A new rank, titled Premium, was mistakenly displayed on the store page.

March 18th

  • Graveyard of nations- more than 8 are disbanded in a day.
  • Ukraine joined "The Commonwealth" alongside the PLC and the Kingdom of Russia.

March 19th:

  • A time before a town falls due to inactivity is down to around 1 month and this caused many big towns to lose lots of residents.

March 20th

  • Toycat uploads once again, sending the server into chaos
  • Alberta gets disbanded and the capital Tau merges with Nunavut.
  • Siam turns red, for some odd reason.

March 21th:

  • EarthMC crashes once and when players rejoined, they were in safe mode and couldn't move. The second time it crashed, people were kicked from their town/nation rank and then nations started disbanding like Egypt, Singapore, Colorado, Romania etc.
  • NATO is disbanded ending the NATO Ohio war
  • Infamous player Mineturtle795 is IP-Banned Permanently, causing massive celebration on the server.
  • Due to attempts to allow nation colors, the server repeats its previous crash, causing priorities to be revoked.
  • The second PM of Svalbard, TheLootcrate, resigns, for unknown reasons.

March 22nd

  • King of Svalbard, ThundorLord, cancels the High Council of Svalbard till further notice, due to him being busy irl.

March 23rd

  • The PLC officially leaves the Lithuanian "Romuva Church".

March 24th

  • Premium is released, officially allowing players to change their nation's color on the dynmap.
  • This day marks the beginning of significant unrest on EMC, due to a variety of factors, such as near-constant server upkeep, and poor management of the queue.
  • Famous player Unbated is banned for joking about being a GGOVI alt. He is unbanned shortly after.
  • Supporter ranks are removed from the shop permanently.

March 25th

  • The Kalmar Union is renamed to become Sweden.
  • EMC goes down for the majority of the day.

March 27th

  • Svalbard admits Franz Josef Land as a Semi-Province

April 2020

April 1st

  • Japan joins the GRE
  • EarthMC got nine new trial moderators.
  • Britain and France swap names for the day
  • JTPilfered resigns as Salish Chancellor. SayerQT is elected as the new chancellor.
  • The nation of Maluku is created.

April 4th

April 5th

  • British Founder and King MineHero43 posted a thread on r/EarthMC regarding a reset. He makes several valid points, leading to diffusion in the community into two groups: pro-reset and anti-reset.
  • The pro-reset group is evened out with Anti-Reset, with polls having even outcomes or with some having anti-reset popular and others vice versa.
  • After the Czechoslovakian elections, the town of Zilina leaves the nation and rebels against Austria. Austria sends an army to the castle in the town and a siege begins, lasting 2 hours before Zilina's surrender.

April 13th

  • The server was DDOS-ed, possible IP leaks, multiple griefs reported. Connecting to the server at this time was very hard.
  • The GRE officially adopts a banking system and starts issuing out loans and creating clients, called the GRE Imperial Bank.

April 14th

  • The Emperor of Daneborg abdicates and appoints his heir, Ragnar, as the new Emperor.

April 16th

  • Towns are mysteriously not able to change their name without a specific amount of gold in the bank.

April 17th

  • Karl confirms towns now cost 32 gold to rename, and nations now cost 256 to rename.
  • Islamic_State is formed.
  • Kampuchea is formed.
  • Remcodd Starts distribution of Copied Map arts in protest of OxtonEagle's Accusations of scamming.

April 22:'

  • Town and nation spawn is broken.
  • Town and nation spawn is fixed.

April 24:

  • Germany has declared war on Poland after refusing their ultimatum.
  • Rio Grande announces its support for Germany

April 25th

  • Battle of Neu_Berlin occurs (German Victory)
  • Battle Of Cologne occurs (German Victory)
  • Switzerland Joins the war against Poland

April 26th

  • Rio Grande and Germany declare war on the South American Union (SAU) and the North American Union (NAU)
  • Austria Joins the war against Poland
  • The German-Polish war escalates into a global conflict

April 27th

  • Inuvik announces their support in the war for the Rio Grande
  • Spain announces its support for Germany in war
  • Canadian Empire announces its support in the war for the Rio Grande

April 28th

  • Austria declares war on PLC
  • SAU surrenders and disbands
  • Battle of Wroclaw occurs (German Victory)
  • Battle of Walmart occurs (Rio Grande Victory)

April 29th

  • Germany occupies Gdańsk for an Hour
  • Battle of Poland occurs (Polish Victory)

April 30th

  • The Canadian Empire declares war on Poland
  • Short Cease-Fire Between Germany and Poland
  • Cease-Fire Ends a while later
  • Battle of Berlin occurs (German Victory)
  • Paris is raided and the Eiffel Tower is destroyed
  • The Canadian Empire sets off a bomb in Detroit, South Canada
  • The Canadian Empire sets off a bomb in Boston
  • Dictio blows up an embassy in Boston

May 2020

May 1st

  • Spain announces its support in the war against Francia
  • KingBerman is elected as the nineteenth President of Cascadia.
  • Japan acquires the town of Daegu in Korea, creating tension in the region.

May 2nd

  • Bombing of Kosice

May 4th

  • A fight breaks out on the border of Maryland and NY(Philadelphia).

May 5th

  • A battle broke out at /n spawn New Hampshire after it was lava casted and PvP enabled, multiple players get warned
  • Groenland declares war on Godthab
  • Wisconsin declares war on Poland
  • Japan signs an expansion treaty with Korean nations.

May 6th

  • North Korea and Korea unify into a nation named Korea
  • Siam, Vietnam and Japan declares war on Kampuchea

May 7th

  • Russia declares war on Tzarist Russia
  • Britain declares war on Kampuchea.
  • Blomstringenbyen, Kantbyen and Barentsburg peacefully secede from Svalbard, creating Nordaustlandet
  • Remcoms blows up an embassy in the city of Whitefield he hasn't seen a recent warn yet.

May 8th

  • A battle erupts in Nenets after Space71 tries to raid Nenets' farms.
  • The nation Anzhu is created.

May 9th

  • EarthMC Beta is released to players with premium. It is a test server for the war plugin and new trading systems

May 10th

  • Many members of the government of the GRE are exposed as members of the Marvin Mafia. They threaten many people and steal gold from them.
  • The Canadian Empire declares war on Ontario.
  • Nicaragua declares war on Britain
  • Syndicate joins the war against Ontario

May 14th

  • A plot in Luxembourg gets destroyed and Luxembourg later becomes a spawn trap. A player in Luxembourg gets kicked for abusing a scaffolding exploit.

May 15th

  • Scaffolding exploit was used to raid New York. Players using the exploit climb to the tops of buildings and drop down fishing rods. New York becomes a spawn trap. At least 4 casualties.

May 17th

  • Item giveaway in Toledo, Ohio organized by Tafffy
  • The biggest heist in EarthMC history takes place on this day, 10k gold, dubs and dubs of god sets, pots, god tools, etc are stolen from the castle in Sussex, Britain. Britain and the Accordo Party are shaken but recovered nonetheless. The attacker, and all of his associates, are permanently banned.
  • Revolutionary France led by Thanamos declares war on France

May 18th

  • A large battle emerges at HBC, with around 20 people and above 15 deaths counted
  • Austria declares war on Imperial Russia
  • Dictiooo gets banned from the server following his two videos about duping.

May 19th

  • Poke, a Youtuber with 4.34 million subscribers, joins the server for the first time under the name Pokediger1. He was first spotted in Nuova_Roma, Lacusmagnia then teleported to Boston, America, teleported to New_Asgard, Barrier_Reef, and then teleported to London, Britain before leaving the server. He is currently a citizen of Boston, America.
  • Movement #UnbanDictiooo starts.

May 20th

  • Ontario and Canadian Empire are at peace

May 21st

  • Ethiopia disbands and gets absorbed into Nubia

May 22nd

  • Canadian Empire declares war on Greater-Armenia
  • Inuvik disbands
  • Nubia leaves the Yemeni Empire.

May 24th

  • Sign shops return to EMC, but villager trading is turned off
  • Agreement met in the French Civil War
  • The nation of Lithuania is created

May 25th

  • Brazil leaves Rio Grande empire
  • Valkyrie disbands
  • At least 9 withers spawned on this day

May 28th

May 29th

May 30th

  • The George Floyd Riots occur in 5 towns, demanding justice for Floyd.
  • The capital town of Indonesia, Makassar, falls into ruin. Massive PvP battle takes place afterward
  • The Skirmish of Phnom Penh happens

May 31st

  • Gayfish mafia targets kraftier with at least 5 casualties and gayfish mafia leader emperor6k now claims he owns kraftier. The battle lasted over an hour with kraftier winning
  • The historical Argent Museum in Argent, Deseret is evaporated with an explosion the likes never seen before on EarthMC. Anybody within the building or 10 blocks of it was vaporized instantly, along with all of their items
  • George Floyd Riots continue, largely centred in Ohio.
  • Skirmish of Pursat happens

June 2020

June 1st

  • kraftier bombing caused by emperor6k, around the middle of the day, emperor6k and 3 others came to kraftier and did some murdering. Over 6 casualties and the surrounding areas were bombed and the biggest house in kraftier also bombed
  • The town of Sussex is handed to UnbatedAura, and its previous owner, Warriorrr moves into the Westminster Palace in London.

June 3rd

  • More attacks on kraftier a group of 3 that were in the town helping the town recover from the bombings they then started attacking and in half an hour there were over 10 people in kraftier hunting down Kobi and Noahjc20082 (a resident of kraftier) so they ran away to different n spawns to protect themselves this was a battle of kraftier vs Gujarat and the gayfish community later there was a Gujarat vs Nubia on the coast of Rajkot in a 3v2 Gujarat won.

June 5th

  • Pokediger1 joins the server again, to be spotted in Britain, then in UK. Later a bunch of players chase him out of claims and 32Pengun gets the kill.
  • Large Skirmish in new jersey after Pokediger1 leaves the server. Many deaths counted
  • Large PvP battle in Newark for players' request.
  • Arctic is founded

June 6th

  • 3 more nations join the Canadian Empire

June 7th

  • Lacusmagnia declares war on Sibir
  • The nation, ThirteenColonies is created on the east coast of the US. Its capital is Williamsburg.
  • Borneo is created, after the town of Ketapang ceded from Majapahit
  • Numidia reaches 600 players, making it the largest nation in the history of EMC

June 8th

  • Québec declares war on Sibir
  • Santacruiser becomes chancellor of Nordaustlandet
  • France joins the GRE
  • GGOVI uses spambots for the first time in months

June 9th

  • Cuba disbands and gets absorbed into West Carribea, which renames itself to Cuba
  • Shimazu secedes from Japan
  • A restoration plan for Svalbard is created by its veteran players. The players are Bobberson07, TreePapi, Carrick100, Lopatomil, Leafbox, Afaukiz and the king Thundorlord himself

June 10th

  • Popular Youtuber Drew Durnil (with almost 600k subscribers) was spotted on EarthMC and killed by Gawker soon after
  • Tyce and IamSen233 get banned from the server

June 11th

  • A large battle occurs in the Nubian town of Sanaa, all of the players had motives to kill TheRealJewy, who is a well known notorious greifer
  • Nordaustlandet declares war on Pakistan
  • The nation of Yellowstone is created

June 13th

  • A 2-hour rollback breaks most if not all existing mapart on the server
  • Withers spawned in queue server by someone using a cheat or a moderator
  • The German Kingdom Dania was created by LegoDrage
  • Callifornia leaves the Sunset Confederay and joins the Syndicate

June 14th

  • Riftal abdicates the throne of Finland and appoints his heir, 0sku, as the next king of Finland. Riftal left the town Jyvaskyla with AzFreeze and the new capital city became Suur-Helsinki.
  • The teleport system for towny was broken, As well as mass lag spikes.

June 15th

  • The popular Youtuber known as PokePlayz uploads a video on EMC
  • Popular Youtuber Drew Durnil uploads a video on EarthMC
  • The county of Tokelau declares war on the incoming new players, stating, "These new players are not welcome and we will do whatever we can do to stop them, they bring nothing but badness to this server and community."
  • The founding of the Valkyrian order by Dornan, Skyling_Saiyan, Law of Rence and Matt

June 17th

  • Cubs_ leaves his chancellor role in the Rio Grande and creates the nation of Sri Lanka.

June 18th

  • Thanamos prepares for France to be united with Britain
  • Svalbard and Nordaustlandet reunify
  • TheAmazing_Moe becomes chancellor of the Rio Grande

June 21st

  • Server goes down for several hours; withers are spawned and fought in queue

June 23rd

June 24th

  • The nation of Grosso is founded

June 25th

  • Iowa disbands

June 27th

  • New York leaves TriState

June 28th

  • Sri Lanka and California declare war on Salish
  • India joins under Sri Lanka

June 29th

  • In the wake of declaring war upon the Salish Federation, a member of California blows up the top portion of the Seattle Space Needle as part of a terrorist attack that is now known by Salish citizens as "6/29."
  • Union of Atlantic States declare war on Lithuania

June 30th

  • Turkish Youtuber releases a video on EMC, bringing the queue up to 430 and starting the Turcursion. The Turkish Republic is founded soon after and quickly becomes the second largest nation on the entire server. Many other nations, like SPQR and Numidia experienced significant growth due to the massive amount of Turkish players.
  • Liechtenstein is created
  • Qing falls into ruin

July 2020

July 1st

  • The nation of Centroamérica is formed with Aminius as its capital.
  • JesTer_BBX is elected as the Fifth Chancellor of the Salish Federation.
  • Aakhof is elected as the Twenty-First President of Cascadia.
  • The unification of France starts and the nation known as Carolingia shrinks massively.
  • Lacusmagnia joins Terra Mariana in the war with Lithuania.
  • Sri Lanka declares war on Imperial Japan
  • Tri-State Disbands
  • Pakistan join Quebec and Lacusmagia in wthe ar against SRA
  • Gujarat and Alabama join under Sri Lanka
  • Khazar is created

July 2nd

  • Shang disbands
  • Eiffel tower reconstructed in Sussex

July 4th

July 6th

  • After Indochina aids BritishFalklands in the war on Malvinas, a large battle consisting of multiple soldiers occurs south of BritishFalklands
  • The max player cap is raised around this time to compensate for the Turcursion.

July 7th

July 11th

  • Germany, Poland and PLC form the mega nation of "European Empire"
  • The Dual Republic of Korea becomes the People's Republic of Korea after the majority of citizens vote in support for the change, the Red and Blu sub-nations (administrative, not real towny nations) that govern the North and South of the peninsula are disbanded.
  • A massive scandal within the ranks of Sri Lanka/Rio occurs. Samisol makes Cubs_ angry enough to get him banned with no chance of an unban. It turned out Samisol was an alt of a player banned over a year prior, doxxed, and alted.

July 12th

  • Germany disbands "European Empire". King states it was a ploy to get gold from Poland and war continues
  • Poland states that it will kill any German citizen in sight

July 14th

  • Casper_cDog gets banned for doxxing

July 15th

  • Casper_cDog is unbanned

July 17th

  • LoganTheProdigy becomes the president of France.
  • Some of Cloudflare's servers go down due to router issues.This causes the server to crash for a short time, also becoming very laggy.
  • An issue with chat channels where people can't connect to global chat occurs and is fixed on the same day.

July 21th

July 24th

  • Japan declares war on Shimazu

July 29th

  • Server experiences issues of players being unable to move.

July 31st

August 2020

August 1st

  • The Cascadian Presidential ends in a tie after an admin deleted the votes of Canadian Rockies residents.

August 2nd

  • Three nations were disbanded in 5 five minutes:
  1. Grand_Australia [17h22 / 5h22 PM]
  2. Zhonghua [17h24 / 5h24 PM]
  3. Rule4.1 [17h26 / 5h26 PM]
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