The UN-Ohio war was a war declared on Ohio at February 28, 2020 by Mow, leader of the UN. It is known as the shortest war in EarthMC history. It only lasted 6 minutes.

The War

UN's Statement

The leader of the UN declared war on Ohio through discord on February 28, 2020. The reasons for this declaration of war were made clear though Mow's statement. He announced, "In times like these, where blackmailing is common. Coersion and scamming is rampant. It takes a brave person to stand up against the horde of evil and fight for the betterment of the people. In this case it is me against John. I stood up to him while he desperately tried to blackmail me into his puppet while I struggled to decide whether to either come out or surrender to his coersion. But luckily I stood up to him and gave him the middle finger and walked away. But since I walked away I worry for those severing under him in Ohio. I worry for both their well being and if they too are being suppressed and there is no doubt in my mind that he made them surrender to his tyrannical boot of political barbarism. So starting today the entire United Nations and its allies and member nation and unions and towns, and as their speaker of the UN. We are officially declaring war on his boot! I will join longer let a homophobic, blackmailing, tyrant run wild in the server. Blackmailing anyone he pleases without facing the consequences. It is time to put and end to his reign of terror and burn the boot to the ground. I understand that many of our member countries and aloes don't want war. But in this time in place you must stand up for the greater good and face the howling wind and wash it away with your sweat and tears of war. I ask all our member countries and nations join us against this crusade against our dark side and wash it out of our server. I understand that out member countries were expecting a vote as well on this. But at this period in history, time is of the essences. I ask that all of you assist me in this one war that I declare for us all. Thank you, and may go be with you all."


The UN and Ohio made peace after Mow announced, "after closed door negotiations with Ohio leaders the war is over. Details will be released sooner than later," 6 minutes after the war was declared. This marked the ending of the UN-Ohio War.

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