Ukai is a player long associated with the nation of Japan.


Classic History

Ukai first entered the EarthMC enivronment during the spring of 2018. His presence was first made clear in Japan, where he joined the town of Nagoya. After living in Nagoya for a short period of time, he moved to Tokyo. Ukai was residing in Tokyo at the height of the War Against Japan. During the early swings of this conflict, Ukai fled to Hawaii because he feared a Spanish invasion. It is unclear how long Ukai lived in Hawaii before he disappeared.

Early History

In December 2018, Ukai logged onto EarthMC once again. He had immediate plans to found a town of his own. Ukai traveled to the island of Kyushu in southern Japan. After assembling some basic infrastructure including part of a castle, on 28 December 2018, Ukai founded the town of Oita. Under Ukai's mayorship Oita would rapidly expand and comprise much of the island it called home. In January 2019, Oita formally integrated with Japan. This union would last until June 2019. As a daimyo, Ukai reached out to and would maintain friendly relations with neighbors, including: Chikugo, Kagoshima, and Tottori-Hyogo. When Chikugo fell due to inactivity in early May 2019, Ukai attempted to preserve the structures of the town and killed four Niger raiders before dying himself. Later, one of the same raiders would push Ukai out of his town claims which resulted in the loss of over 100 gold ingots.

Shogunal Civil War

During the late May of 2019, Japan experienced a civil war. The legitimacy of then-emperor Surfboy1 was called into question as a result of his inactivity. FenZenyatta sharply criticized Surfboy's regime, and after several warnings, established the newly separatist nation of Imperial Japan. In a week's time, most daimyo were allied with Fen, and expressed a profound distaste for Surfboy and his grip on the nation of Japan. Surfboy, however, was adamant. He expressed that his nation would not be forfeited under any circumstances. 

Witnessing these events, Ukai established a discussion room "Daimyo United" (later "Daimyo Divided") as a forum for both sides to express their perspectives. It became clear that Surfboy1 had more apologists than originally thought, though these were still outnumbered by Fen's supporters. For unclear reasons, Surfboy1 became known as the "Shogun" while FenZenyatta was dubbed "Emperor". Ukai championed the concept of "concession rule" wherein Surfboy would surrender his nation in exchange for a special council position in the new government. Eventually, both sides agreed to a modified version of this arrangement. Surfboy1 disbanded the old nation of Japan and was assigned a new council position "Shogun" as planned. The nation's name was later restored to simply "Japan". The "Daimyo Divided" discussion room fell out of use.

The Oita Conflict

"I do not know if you have realised this Ukai, but all of your actions in the recent days are very traitorous. Are you really going to try to make a 'better' Japanese nation while being known as the guy who betrayed Japan for his own good?" - Emperor FenZenyatta
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