Earthmc Wiki
Profile Information
Aliases Ulok
Nation Iceland
Town Reykjavik
Towny Rank Mayor
Political Party
Discord ! !#0400
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn June 5th, 2019
Place of Spawn Pacific Ocean
Physical Information
Nationality Russian
Gender Male
Blood Type
Zodiac Capricorn
Height 170
Weight 55
Status Information
Status Alive
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History
Godthab (formely)
Britain (formerly)
Iceland (now)

Ulok is the mayor of Reykjavik.

It's great that we have the ability to record the life on the server. When I was restoring the history of Iceland, I ran into the problem that the history of this island was very rarely and very little recorded, so it was extremely difficult to restore it, and it cannot be said that it is absolutely accurate. Therefore, I would like to help those players who will settle here after us and transfer the knowledge about the area that I will be able to recover. Of course, I also want to leave a mark about myself, this page is dedicated to this.

Here is Where I managed to live

  • Glasgow (Britain)
  • Husavik (Iceland)
  • Moscow (Russia)
  • Donetsk (Donbass)
  • SCP Foundation (Britain)
  • Arya (Godthab)
  • Reykjavik (Iceland)


First towns

The first time I got to the server is not from this character. Having studied the main aspects of playing on the server from another character, at the beginning of the summer of 2019 I logged into the server for the first time from the main character. Initially, I joined the city, which was located in Brazil, I no longer remember exactly what it was called. After spending a few days there, I got to know Shanka and then moved to Britain. I lived in Britain for quite a long time. Once, having accumulated enough gold and resources, I wanted to found my city. The choice fell on Iceland as a region that was not very popular. It was clean and there my imagination could roam freely. Cities were then only in the western part of the island. The eastern part was empty, so I decided to found a city there. On the evening of July 11, my friend and I transferred resources to a new land and founded Coldrun (Later the city would be renamed Husavik and later Reykjavik). I wanted to build a fortress in the best viking traditions, however, during the construction process, the style vector changed several times and the result was what you can observe when you move to the Husavik of our time. At that time, a new city on the coast of Greenland, Tasiilaq, was actively developing. RASPUTIN54 wrote to me with a proposal to lead the metro from his city to ours, which later happened. The then king of Iceland was inactive and the coronation of the new king (max300100) had taken place by August. After that, life on the island became a little more varied, but it was rather lonely. There were not so many people then and they were reluctant to enter the cities of Iceland. The island was empty. By that time, another large city appeared on the eastern coast of the island - Djúpivogur. For your city to really populate, you had to spend quite a lot of time in the game, which I could not afford due to my studies. Therefore, I transferred the management of the city to another player, after which I spent a little time in Britain and left the six-month inactive.

Half a year later

After half a year, I discovered that a lot of new things appeared on the server, as well as an influx of players. The desire to play minecraft caught fire with renewed vigor and I returned to the server again. In reality, I live in Russia and the first thing I wanted to know after back it's about life in Russia. I joined Moscow, where I stayed for several days. I wanted to meet Russian players on the server, but there were as many of them in Russia as in any other nation. In general, many of the things that Russia did were rather strange. I didn't really like this nation. I soon discovered town "Dobrosrav". It was really packed with Russians, the way there for foreigners was practically closed because of the language barrier. I had a great time, we built many beautiful buildings, founded several districts, founded a nation. Unfortunately, there were disagreements between me and the head of the neighboring city and I had to leave the city. However, I hoped that the nation would continue to live, but unfortunately very soon the nation bent over and soon ceased to exist.

And again Great Britain

After a quarrel, I returned to the Glasgow. during the time when I was not there, the city has grown and changed a lot. It has become much more like a typical English city. Inspired by a beautiful city, I again wanted to create my own. A suitable place was very close, now this territory is part of Yorkshire. I called the city a SCP Foundation, because at that time I was quite fascinated by this universe. I was planning to actually build a foundation building in that place, but my city was removed after clearing the area. They argued that I changed the landscape very much, although vertical terraforming on the server is allowed. The saddest thing is that they did not try to contact me and understand the situation, my city was simply deleted, and the area was rolled back. I think this is more connected with the fact that York wanted to own this territory, and I interfered with it, however, this is not so important anymore.

Return to Iceland

After that incident, I realized that the only place on the server where I was really comfortable playing was Iceland. Noticing an interesting region, I decided to create a big city there, which I am slowly but surely doing now. I wanted to create a common history of Iceland from the beginning of its foundation and gradually I find more and more fragments of this history. Iceland now has significantly more cities, several nations and many active players. This is good news. I would like to believe that it will only get better, that there will be many new cities, alliances, kings, wars, of course. And I will try to write it down further.

It has been some time since I last wrote anything here. I am still in Iceland, however I left the server again for a while. During this time, my previous town Arya was fell into ruin, but I created a new one. Almost immediately after the creation of the new town, Reykjavik was fell. My town was near Reykjavik, so I renamed my town to Reykjavik. With RASPUTIN54's support, I seized the previous possessions of the town and restored it to its original form. Now I am the mayor of Reykjavik.

At the moment I am planning to start structuring Icelandic history. Here I will write about some controversial points in Icelandic history and prove how and why it actually happened.

1) Was Toadally the founder of Iceland?

In the history of Reykjavik, his name was mentioned as early as November 9, 2018. It says the following: "Reykjavik is the largest town in Iceland, founded on the first day Terra Nova opened by cookiedeluxe33, then immediately transferred to Toadally, the current mayor. Reykjavik originally started as Tokyo, founded on Day 3 of Early Access, but the Tokyo plan was abandoned due to being in a location that was too isolated from the rest of the world..." This data tells us at least that Toadally name was mentioned in the early days of the server's existence. This gives an almost 100% chance that he founded the Iceland.

2) Was there a conflict between Iceland and Britain over the Faroe Islands?

This rumor exists thanks to a post made on November 9, 2018 on the forum:

"Reykjavik was involved in a minor conflict with Britain after British subjects began claiming Iceland for the British crown by placing flags. After a long chase, the British were driven off the island for a short period of time. After Toadally and MineHero, the leader of the UK, quarreled for a little over the day, the situation quickly died out."

Notes on this incident exist only from the Icelandic side. Britain has not kept its historical notes for a long time. The first note about this conflict states that Britain wanted to subjugate Iceland, while the king Toadally wrote that the conflict was provoked by the question of the influence of nations on the Faroe Islands. We can definitely say that there was some kind of conflict. However, it is difficult to assess the degree of its seriousness. Only Toadally and MineHero43 can tell about what actually happened. Unfortunately, Toadally left the server and is unlikely to return. The King of Britain ignores almost all messages sent to him, however, if the opportunity presents itself, I will try to ask him about this page of history.