Ultil0l Edit

Ultil0l is a casual no-life on EMC.

(he also is a fucking narcissist)

History Edit

Pre Terra Nova Era Edit

Plans Edit

Ultil0l is (probably) known for his versatility and lack of ability to stay in the same place for more than a couple of weeks, and this was seen in his Terra Nova plans, being quite numerous but none living until the release of Terra Nova. Here is a list of plans he made:

  • United Caribbean Provinces
  • Cape Confederation
  • More that are lost to our knowledge

Holy Roman Empire Edit

The longest lasting plan that Ultil0l was a part of was the HRE, created by Synargle, probably as a joke, devolved into a serious plan to make the HRE and went on to become his pet project. During his stay in the HRE, Ultil0l made multiple documents, such as the imperial charter and promotional brochures. He was officially given the rank of "pen of the emperor" soon after he joined the plan. Eventually, Syn(argle) left for the byzantines and gave the crown to Ultil0l. The Holy Roman Empire got cancelled 15 minutes after Terra Nova, to attempt saving his face, Ultil0l tried to make the HRE pass as a prank to punish the people who made plans, which utterly failed.

Early Terra Nova Edit

Neu-Berlin Edit

Soon after joining the freshly released server, Ultil0l found himself near the great lakes in canada, and headed for a semi-island to his first attempt at making a nation: The grand duchy of the great lakes. This was an utter failure and soon, he joined his friend Hayden_Bourbon, to make a nation with him.

Quebec Edit

After joining his friend to Quebec, Ultil0l started grinding endlessly to create a nation on the said city, named Quebec, which had some limited success, until he got bored of it and left, leaving the nation in ruin.

France Edit

To write a constitution Edit

Directly after leaving his old nation behind, Ultil0l joined his friend's town, Lyon, unfortunately for him, this was during the golden era of nazi raids, and Ultil0l quickly did the only logical thing he could do in a situation of instability, stir unrest amongst the people, and called for a republican revolution, this of course didn't happen, but he did manage to annoy Caeso into signing a constitution for the kingdom of France giving it a parliament and a shit ton of useless problems to deal with.

Fleeing to south africa Edit

After a while of being in Lyon, Ultil0l got naturally bored and started gathering funds to make french south africa, and made the town new_lyon, which got disbanded 2 days later due to being a very bad idea.

Revival of the Holy Roman Empire(current events) Edit

Koln Edit

After leaving africa, Ultil0l took some gold he mined there to make a town in south france, but soon got attracted by the call of the Vaterland while listening to preussen gloria on spotify and violently took a turn and decided to finish what he started three months ago, make the HRE. This followed by the creation of Koln. After a while bargaining to acquire a nation to host the HRE, Ultil0l struck a deal with Caillouminati to buy prussia, the transaction is to happen around the 25th.

Hregang Edit

never mind oof

Nevada Edit

Ultil0l Recently Fled to the Nevadan Desert to make the Nevadan Confederation with his epic sand town, Shady_sands.

Towns Edit

  • Neu-Berlin
  • Quebec
  • Rimouski
  • Lyon
  • New_lyon
  • Koln

Friends Edit

  • Stop bullying me please

Quotes Edit

"Wait what I never said that"
"Ok now, this is epic HREGANG Sand."
-Ultil0l, while reacting to any situation.

Trivia Edit

  • If you want some entertainment call him French Canadian and watch
  • Very egocentric since he made an article on EMC wiki about himself
  • Despacito
  • Heil dir im siegerkanz