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UnCry The Galizan

Founder of melilla and previous king of The Colombia Realm and loyal citizen of Spain.

Galiza Period

ColombiaIn feb 2 UnCry hopped in the EMC firstly he went to the Brisbane but after that Indestruk_11 invited him to Galiza and Indestruk started this period.

Uncry was one of the first citizens in New Galiza. After that he went to Melilla and created Melilla.

Melilla Period

UnCry got upset because of some litigations with some nation members and left his nation temporarily. He later rejoined.

Also he built some great buildings like New Melilla and Palace of Melilla

Melillan Church

Gran_Capitan did this building and this church one of wonders in Melilla.

Colombia Period

This period starts with UnCry bought the Colombia Realm.

and its ended with UnCry sold the Colombia realm.