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United Bear Trade Company (UBTC) is a trading company founded in California by the mayor of El Paso (Mac3030), the mayor of Lake Tahoe (The_Lone_Sp3rm) and the representative of Lake Tahoe (Zirbster) on 11/29/18.

"This company serves as a joint owned trading company that operates in the nation of California with goals of expansion. We ship large supplies of goods and will act as traders/barters." - Zirbster.

Edit - This is one of the oldest companies, of course its dead lol


The Beginning


UBTC is founded by Zirbster, The_Lone_Sp3rm, and Mac3030 on 11/29/18. UBTC becomes an official company of California on 11/30/18.


  • Zirbster - CEO
  • The_Lone_Sp3rm - CO-CEO
  • Mac3030 - Executive
  • Bigeasy808 - Courier

Other Info

Discord: https://discord.gg/FS9hxBU (Hiring)



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