The United States of America:

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The United States of America, formed under a universal agreement from the leaders of the Republic of the Midwest, the Southwest and New England, first came into fruition May 15th 2019. Currently, The United States in EarthMC operates under a Democracy, with much of the framework for it being laid out during what is known as "The Convention", which is still active as of 5/19/2019.


Formed on 5/15/19 under mutual agreements

Convention of the United States of America began May 17th and ended in late may.

The US was disbanded after riots left the government weak and un-stable.


Currently, The United States of America is run under democratic voting, with new policies and rulings being formed with the ongoing Convention.


The Current military of the United States of America widely varies based on the location that is in question.


  • The Grand Church of Norfolk
  • World Trade Center
  • Grand Central Station
  • Newark Capitol building
  • Mississippi River
  • Paramount Building in Times Square, New York
  • Chesapeake Bay
  • Potomac River
  • Hudson River

County Seats

The United States is organized by counties. Each county has a County Seat, which acts as that county's capital. The following are the counties of the United States, with each of their county seats:


  • Polk: Glendale Heights
  • Cook: Chicago
  • Clay: Kansas City
  • Sedgwick: Wichita
  • Hughes: Pierre
  • Kings: New York
  • Maricopa: Sedona
  • Yuma: Yuma
  • Clark: Groom Lake
  • Kings: New York
  • Chesapeake: Washington
  • Fulton: GeorgiaUSA
  • York: Toronto
  • No: St.Louis

Notable People

  • AmericanTaco
  • Littlemining
  • Anorse
  • Bigred
  • OrangeJuiceMoose
  • Goomson
  • YouThatReadWrong
  • Seranil
  • da_awesome_mc
  • ohTig
  • Lucas2011
  • Death15896
  • PvP_Kami
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