Urbs Antiqua (Latin for "Ancient City") is a term used for any town that was established during the Early Access of Terra Nova. Knowledge on these ancient cities is preserved here for historical value.

𝐋𝐢𝐬𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐔𝐫𝐛𝐞𝐬 𝐀𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐬

I) New York

Founder: Lucas

II) Seoul

Founder: SpookyScoops

III) Venice

Founder: jabesb2

IV) Paris

Founder: MLGTerra

V) Wanganui

Founder: Tribubb

VI) Byzantium (Constantinople)

Founder: Synargle

VII) Copenhagen

Founder: 4Noah

VIII) London

Founder: MineHero43

IX) Manila

Founder: Bluehunter789

X) Toerana (Sainte Marie)

Founder: The_Pock

Location: Madagascar

XI) Berlin

Founder: EchoOcelot

XII) Wroclaw

Founder: Tymek_T

XIII) Cardiff (Wales)

Founder: FutureLemon

XIV) Jerusalem

Founder: Marko_

Disbanded Urbes Antiquæ

I) Tokyo

Founder: Toadally

Notes: Predecessor to Reykjavik

II) Porto Alegre

Founder: bunny119

IV) WashingtonDC

Founder: TypicalFernie

Disbander: Aceshooter11

V) Alexandria

Founder: gazim123

Disbander: Unknown

VI) Roma

Founder: Marcellus Octavian Caesar

Disbander: Unknown

VII) Milan

Founder: Cyanyde7

Disbander: Unknown

VIII) Rennes

Founder: GeneralRhombus

Disbander: Unknown

IX) WashingtonDC

Founder: TypicalFernie

Disbander: Aceshooter11

X) Québec-Montréal

Founder: Seranil

Disbander: MrX1208

XI) Kotte

Founder: OsuLazulite.

Location: 14584, -1413 (Sri Lanka)

Notes: First city on TN

Disbander: Unknown

XII) Mount Magnet

Founder: Magenent

Disbander: Unknown

XIII) Mobile

Founder: Jacob8858

Notes: Capital of the Southern Conglomerate

Disbander: Unknown

XIV) Delaware

Founder: WextraMC

Location: -14280 -7320 (Delmarva peninsula)

Disbander: Unknown

XV) The Isle Of Man

Founder: killermartian_

Location: The British isles, little island between Scotland and Ireland.

Disbander: Unknown

XVI) Beijing

Founder: No_Jewtsu

Notes: 31st town. Founder left.

Cords: 21230, -7295

Disbander: Unknown

XVII) Minsk

Founder: ScaryDragon

Location: Belarus

Notes: Former capital of the Intermarium Empire. 10th town to be established.

Disbander: Sarasin

XVIII) Avalon

Founder: demon7913

Location: -14313. -3942 (Cuba)

Disbander: Unknown

XIX) Caen

Founder: Shootcity

Disbander: Unknown

XX) Bogota

Founder: Wyttie

Disbander: Unknown

XXI) São Paulo

Founder: Carlos_Eduardo

Location: Brazil

Disbander: Unknown

XXII) Tikal

Founder: jmills321

Disbander: Lemoncake206

XXII) Pietari

Founder: Unknown

Disbander: endy776


Founder: unknown

DIsbander: Blackjeuses

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