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Dominion of Uruguay
Coat of Arms
CA Uruguay.png
National Information
Full Name kingdom of Uruguay
National Anthem
Name in Towny Uruguay
Population 5
Chunks 382
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Capital City Rocha
Largest City Rocha
Oldest City Rocha
Established July 18, 2020
Government Information
Leader King Nachitz
Prime Minister
Political System Presidential Constitutional Republic
Economic System Social Democracy
Official Language Flagspain.png Spanish (Main)
Englishflag.jpg English (Secondary)
Official Religion Bruhism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders
Past Capitals

Uruguay, officially the Kingdom of Uruguay (Spanish: Reino de Uruguay) is a nation located in South America located between Brazil and Argentina, led by Nachitz. The capital is Rocha and it currently counts with 5 inhabitants.


The Old Uruguay (2018-2019)

The current territory of Uruguay was first taken by the nation La Plata (nowadays known as Argentina) by the end of 2018, when they established a nation called Uruguay in the area, Back then it was led by the user JonTheBooty, one of a few authentic Uruguayan users who played in the server.

However, after half a year of inactivity amongst its inhabitants, the old Uruguay started losing towns and territory. To this day, Argentina is ensured to protect the three resting towns from the first Uruguay: Montevideo (which is led by the last active Uruguayan user), La Paloma and Santa María.

First steps (July 2020)

The town Verde (now known as Rocha) was established by on the 14th of July 2020 resulting in hostilities with individuals from Argentina and Chile.

The nation was finally established on the 18th of July 2020 by the user capev. Although the nation was relatively new, a impromptu government had been set up until elections could take place on the 18th of August.

New leader and independence

With Uruguay getting a new leader after getting sold for a low price, it declared its independence from Brazil. Brazil did not want to tolerate it but was forced to after Spain and some of its European allies announced their support for Uruguay. After officially gaining its independence from Brazil, Uruguay joined Spain as a viceroyalty and was later intergrated into La Plata.