Uruk is located in the Fertile Crescent (in Asia) south of Babylon and east of Akhad. Geographically it is on the coast of the Persian Gulf near where modern day Kuwait is.

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Uruk was founded on June 12th, 2019 by Pastersnacks after running for his life from Pasargadae hoping no one would kill him with his 64 gold.

The founding of Uruk

Early Days

The early days of Uruk's expansion were extremely slow, but that all changed when Uruk began growing in population. As the town skyrocketed in population, so did it's size. Now growing at around 1-4 chunks a day.

Golden Age

With the massive influx of residents, a fast growing city, and Uruk slowly gaining global attention, it has entered into its Golden Age. Who knows what will come after.

The "Snap of Uruk"

On July 30, 2019 due to broken tax commands almost everyone of Uruk was kicked from the town. The recovery has been slow but steady. A monument outside of town hall was constructed in honor of those who were kicked and might never play again.

They have made a treaty with Babylon to ensure peace between the 2 towns. The 2 cities are not allowed to dig sand in Persia.

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