Vattern is a town in the southern part of Sweden and is currently nationless.



Early History

The first settlers of Vattern arrived in 1546, they came from the ancient village of WoopWoop which is now an abandoned town in eastern Australia. They're first place of arrival in Europe was somewhere in Poland where they weren't welcome and left a few days after arrival. They brought with them two sheep and some other materials. They managed to cross the Baltic and arrived in Sweden where they went on a journey inland and arrived at Sweden's second largest lake a few days after arrival, the first thing they settled was the biggest island in the lake but they soon left the island and created buildings on land.

Proper History

After they got they're first buildings finished they decided to become farmers and traders and soon became quite wealthy. They traded animals across europe for an affordable price, at one point they had pigs, chickens, sheep, cows and turtles! As the town became proper they attracted the attention of Casper the great which sought to unify the independent towns of Sweden. So they joined they joined the Swedish kingdom. But not long after they joined the Swedish kingdom fell into conflict with several nations at once and Vattern was in the crossfire! They then left the swedish kingdom and joined Poland. After this the history becomes blurry and the town was left abandoned for several years. It was looted several times by raiders and scavengers and it all came to ruin.

Modern History

The settlers returned to the town several years later and started to rebuild, with the help of Casper the great they got the town rolling again and they quickly joined Casper new nation by the name of Norrland.


Form of government

Under Casper the great the town is officially a monarchy, but the town insists uppon being a socialist repuplic of its own. The party of SOCIA has it's headquarters in the town and they are known for their bold propaganda and marketing. They are firmly against capitalism even at a core concept!

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