Vennesheim is a town settled by LucasBlueBR at February 22, 2019. The town is located at north of Vattern town and it's part of the Norrland nation. Vennesheim's current main activity is mining.


Early History

The town was established on the February 22 of 2019 by LucasBlueBR next to the Vattern lake. The first building on the town was a mine, where minerals were extracted and used to expand and make more buildings.

Vennesheim was quickly noticed by Casper the Great, king of Norrland. King Casper invited Vennesheim's mayor to the nation and he accepted. After joining, Casper the Great supplied some gold to LucasBlueBR so he could expand more and showed Jämtland, Norrland's capital, to him, giving LucasBlueBR permission to visit Jämtland and buy resources from there anytime he wanted.

Modern History

Vennesheim is a small town which is still focused on mining, however, the population is low, which makes the town's expansion a slow task. Vennesheim is open to immigrants and refugees, promising them to give a good life at the town.


Town Hall

The Town Hall and the Mayor's house


A small dock on the lake where boats can stop, used by boats that transport things to Vattern or that are going to leave the lake.


The town is a monarchy under the control of Casper the Great, they are loyal to the king and currently have no wish for independence.

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