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Vietnam, officially the Empire of Vietnam, is the easternmost country on the Southeast Asian Indochinese Peninsula. Vietnam shares its land borders with the divided Chinese nations to the north, Siam to the West and the State Of Vietnam in the South-East. Its capital city is Vinh. Vietnam was a province of the Japanese Empire before the 4th Japanese civil war and the unification with Siam, under Indochina.


Vietnam has existed since the beginning of Terra Nova, forming their nation originally with Mihailovic as the leader in late 2018.

The Collapse of the First Kingdom of Vietnam

Vietnam collapsed in late December causing Siam to take all of Vietnam and set up a brief autonomous region named the Second Kingdom of Vietnam. Paths were planned to be built across Indochina connecting all towns together.

Many citizens wished to remake Vietnam and it was re-established in January 2019.

Establishment of the Bangkok Pact

In late January 2019, leaders from the nations of Vietnam, Siam, Cambodia and Myanmar came together to make an alliance which would determine the borders and bring Indochina closer together. The Bangkok Pact was chosen as the name as Bangkok was the biggest city at the time.

Division of Cambodia with Siam

Cambodia was disbanded accidentally on March 3rd and the former leaders quit. Vietnam and Siam agreed to divide the lands between the two.

The SleveMarlin Era

SleveMarlin became the King on March 17th 2019. The capital was reconstructed with help from Fluxify I of Siam and a canal was added. Relations between Vietnam and Siam were the best they had ever been with the two nations frequently working on projects together.

The Doct_fr Era

Doct_fr bought Vietnam in August and the nation was turned into a Socialist Republic. The nation quickly grew populations-wise, surpassing Siam which was the most populous nation in Indochina at the time.

War with Cambodia

Siam had contacted Vietnam about declaring war on Cambodia since they had established themselves in both nations' territories. War began on the 5th of October and was won by the two powers on the 8th. The pre-war borders were re-established.

Interwar Period

After the war with Cambodia, tensions began to rise across Indochina. The first instance of tension was when Vietnam violated the border agreement with Siam by creating the town of Pleiku in October. Siam confronted Vietnam about the town and asked what their intentions were. Vietnam responded by saying they didn't know where the border actually was. The Mekong River was then widened and a wall was built on the Siamese side to clearly define where the border was to avoid another event such as this.

In November, the town of CiteDesDieux in Western Siam was in conflict with Siam after they refused to join Siam. They appealed for help from Vietnam and a battle took place at Chiang Mai on November 19th after CiteDesDieux began griefing Siamese towns. Five Vietnamese and CiteDesDieux citizens died against Fluxify I.

On the 20th, CiteDesDieux was invited to Vietnam. Siam demanded that Vietnam kicked the town from their nation or they would declare war. Vietnam refused this ultimatum which began the Siamese-Vietnamese War.

Siamese-Vietnamese War

Siam declared war on Vietnam due to the border violations in Pleiku and CiteDesDieux. Siam was able to do very well against Vietnam in the last two months of 2019 by killing and stealing from Vietnamese citizens. Vietnam wanted to make Siam look like the aggressor in the war by trying to get them to kill unarmed citizens.

In January 2020, the war was still raging with them inviting Pursat, a town within Siamese borders and killing Siamese citizens.

At the beginning of February, Doct_fr was banned for duplicating gold. This event accelerated the already ongoing peace talks with Siam by The_Impaler_ and the war was over by the 12th of February with all border violations either returned to Siam or kicked from Vietnam.

Downfall Period

After Doct_fr was banned, activity within Vietnam diminished with many people getting their data wiped or leaving Vietnam. Even the government was unstable with Ministers like N_E_R_O_H, T0rnado_ and The_Impaler_ leaving Vietnam , some due to Doct_fr oppressing the peace talks between Siam and Vietnam, even after his ban. Valentin eventually became the leader after Doct_fr's data was wiped, he planned to auction the nation which was unsuccessful. GuyDio and CestOMax eventually became the leaders of Vietnam. The State Of Vietnam broke away and formed their own nation after they were unhappy with Vietnam's dwindling activity.

Japanese Vietnam

CestOMax sold the nation to Qql on April 11th 2020 and Vietnam became a province of the Japanese Empire. Sssanss became Governor soon after Qql left to return to Japan.

The Bangkok Pact was dissolved but a new alliance between Siam and Vietnam was established called The Indochinese Pact. The borders remained the same between the nations and they agreed to defend each other if any of them were attacked.

War with Kampuchea

After the establishment of The Indochinese Pact, Vietnam and Siam agreed that Kampuchea was a problem for both nations and the plan was to invade Kampuchea if they expanded with any more towns. They invited Pursat, a town in Siamese Cambodia which had refused to join Siam multiple times, this marked the beginning of the war with Kampuchea on May 6th 2020.

TheEarlOfSkeen Era

TheEarlOfSkeen succeeded Ssansss as Governor on May 28th 2020. He told the citizens of Vietnam that he wishes to defeat Kampuchea and revive the shop in Vinh On June 24th 2020. He changed the flags and anthem to be more in line with the new empress, he is also trying to revitalize Vietnam and restore some of the fallen towns.

Unification with Siam

Talks had been going on for weeks about the possibility of unifying Indochina into one nation. This was eventually agreed upon and Vietnamese towns began joining from July 2nd. By July 4th, Vietnam was disbanded and all Vietnamese towns were apart of Siam and the nation was renamed to Indochina.

Notable People




GuyDio ( General, President , Chancellor under Doct_fr )

T0rnado_ ( Chancellor under Doct_fr )

Valentin ( Chancellor and Minister of Economy under Doct_fr )

The_Impaler_ ( chancellor and minister of foreign affairs under Doct_fr )