Flag of Vinland

Flag of the Vinnish people


Vinnish is a language that is Germanic and Latin in nature. The language was first adopted by the town of Winslow(Winclow) and spread to the town of Arcneous (Arcneouez) these being the only two towns left that officially speak it. The language is currently a minority language on EarthMC.


Old Botsfordian

Old Botsfordian is a language created at the start of Terra Nova in the town of Botsford. Not much is left of this old dialect, it seemed to be primarily Celtic and Germanic.

Old Flejian

Old Vinnish is an ancient language that we can still speak, although no one speaks it regularly. Here is an example of old Vinnish.

"Den kvikk brune fok hoppet over den late hunden"

In English, this is "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog".

There is a theory of how Old Vinnish and Old Botsfordian are connected, from the aftermath of Botsford collapsing, many people from Botsford migrated north, to Anticosti island, where the unique Botsfordian culture and language slowly assimilated into the majority and became apart of what is modern Vinnish.

Modern Vinnish

Modern Vinnish is still widely spoken throughout Anticosti island, and although the Vinnish people once covered the entire St. Lawrence most if not all Vinnish speakers are only on Anticosti. Here is an example of modern Vinnish.

"Eln boelta braut vicavi grotzed ovuct eln luerra cainen."

In English, this is "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog".

Another example is -

"Aihm pikvlet opp eln teninger dela cit aval rul."

This in English is "He picked up the dice for a second roll."

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