The town of Voliograd is a starting town in Siberia. The people of Voliograd are communist.

Founding Period

On April 13 2020, Stalin_Union and Commander_Skeppy made Voliograd. Voliograd is rapidly expanding, even starting alliances with powerful nations like Korea, the IFS and Kamchatka, just to mention a few.

On May 18 2020 Commander_Skeppy started supplying a rising Canadian Political Party named the Union of Socialist Canadian Provinces (USCP) as a Sub-autonomous region monitored by Voliograd.

Political System

The Town of Voliograd runs on Parliamentary Communism.

Siberian Communist Party

The main Political party of Voliograd is the Siberian Communist Party (SCP). The Leader of the SCP is Commander_Skeppy. The SCP is split into 2 sections: The Parliament (SCP-P) and the Council (SCP-C). The SCP-C Is the highest Authority in Voliograd. The Members of the Council are the highest-ranking officials in the Soon to become a country town. The SCP-P is the most popular section of the SCP. Anyone can get in the SCP-P by gaining the Leader's trust.

Executive Branch

The Country has an Executive Branch, made up of the 3 highest-ranking officials in the country. The Executive Branch is also referred to as the Supreme Bureau. From highest on power to lowest on power, the Executive Branch's members are Stalin_Union, Commander_Skeppy, and Doc1237.

Important Projects

The Voliograd Tower

The Voliograd Tower started construction on April 19 2020. It is was completed on April 30, 2020.

The top builders and helpers for the Voliograd Tower were: Stalin_Union, Commander_Skeppy, H_Bardon, Doc1237, TheDjalex, and Ionao

The Siberian Parliament Building

The Siberian Parliament Building's construction began in May 9, 2020. It is yet to be completed.

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