Volyn is a newly founded nation from the Amapan (South American Country now known as North Brazil) Elders and Government. It holds a strange Political System and houses the Secretary-General of the UoN. /t join Imperia


The nation of Volyn can be referred to as the new Empire of Amapa, due to it having the same leader and government officials as the fallen Amapa, now known as North Brazil. Upon tdfds selling Amapa to BlackQuartz tdfds and his appointed officials fled to Europe, to seek more entertainment and to avoid war in the South Americas. Their capital Imperia was accepted as a town into the Byzantine Realm until they eventually departed after acquiring the gold. In the first weeks of Imperia they had saved up approximately 200 gold, once realizing they needed to become a nation fast for Unreleased Purposes, they went to buy Haste II potions and mined, acquiring near 800 gold in one day. This brings the history up to date.


The Volyn Government is that even more confusing than the Amapan Government, instead of being a dictatorship like before in Ancient Amapan times they are a dictatorship democracy.

This rather confusing political system means that the Strudel (meaning Dictator or Omniscient in the Old Amapan Culture of EMC) has complete power over all elections and how they end, though respects votes that won't cause a possible downfall for the nation, the Strudel also has all power over all other things. The citizens get to vote as if it were a Direct-Democracy, they have the choice to bring up a topic and vote on it and vote for Representatives that aren't appointed by the Strudel.

Roles are Strudel, Diplomat, Bureaucrat, Commissioner, Mocc_, Civil Servant, Secretary and citizens.


Not mentioned in the Power Pyramid, Diplomatic Representatives are voted for.


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