Profile Information
Aliases Voro
Nation Jefferson
Town Wenatchee
Towny Rank
Occupation Paraeducator
Organization None
Political Party None
Religion None
Spouse Chrysoprasus
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn
Place of Spawn Mongolia
Physical Information
Nationality American (Real Life) Salish (In Game)
Gender Male
Blood Type
Height 5' 8"
Status Information
Server Role
Date of Ban
Nation History
Cascadia, Salish Federation, Jefferson



Vorobyevite joined some time in December of 2019, spawning in Mongolia. He set his sights on his home state of Washington, which unbeknownst to him, Cascadia was the nation waiting for him there. He traveled through Mongolia, south into China and to the Pacific Ocean where he crafted a boat, and set sail for North America. On the way, he stopped at Guam, his mother's birth island. Then next was Hawaii. After waiting a day, he set out across the ocean to the West Coast of the United States. Upon landing, he arrived south of Astoria, which he tried to join, but was never replied to. Heading north, he found Port Angeles, and joined them for a month.


Vorobyevite set out with no true plans, first learning of the game via Chrysoprasus. After joining Cascadia, he grew interested in the politics of the nation, and eventually planned to form the town of Seattle when it fell into ruin, however, JTPilfered had already reclaimed Seattle by the time Vorobyevite had gotten there. He then went on to found Wenatchee, his hometown.

Port Angeles

Shortly after joining Port Angeles, Vorobyevite set out to develop the town. Estonian_Mapping became very trusting of Vorobyevite, and granted him rank of Councilor very quickly, allowing him to freely build within the town. He set out with pick and axe in hand, building the majority of the Ice Roads within Port Angeles, clearing chunks of the Olympic Mountain Range, recruiting friends and making parks, working with fellow town members and establishing a City Council. During the Cascadian December 2019 elections, he created visuals for following in the election, which Estonian_Mapping won in a landslide.

Cascadian Politics

Vorobyevite was never vocal in Cascadian politics, at least until the end of their Senator role.

Salish Federation

He was a central member in the creation of the Salish Federation. For more information on that, see Salish Federation.


After he became increasingly inactive in the Salish Federation, the government of Salish along with Voro switched the Salish capital to Seattle so they could actually get things done and NoneAvailable of Jefferson took over Wenatchee.

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