Wabanaki is a large nation located in what is real world North America. It was founded as the continuation of the nation of Canada from the old server, still intent on embodying the same Canadian virtues as from before. Wabanaki places emphasis on consideration and compassion for not only all of the people in its nation but as well as those who are not part of Wabanaki.

Wabanaki is made up of three separate provinces, (in order to get around the new nation range rules on the new server), but, it is still regionalist to only North America. These provinces are Cree, Comanche, and Iroquois. Even though they may be separate nations, they are all united under the banner of Wabanaki, and the each is equal, and hold no real power or autonomy, thus why they are called "Provinces".

Wabanaki is adamant about protecting its members' individuality, property, and freedom. The majority of Wabanaki's population is not concentrated in any single town, rather it is well dispersed throughout the lands.

Wabanaki is focused on maintaining good relationships with all other nations all while maintaining an assertive stance against any wrongdoing towards its citizens brought upon by other nations.

History Edit

If you want to see the history leading up to Wabanaki, check this article, as Wabanaki is merely a continuation of Canada from EMC Classic, and as such the history of Canada is the history of Wabanaki:

The Era of the Sunrise - November 2018 Edit

This month Yodabest won reelection as Hoyenah with Sharkfynn and DDime winning reelection as Chiefs and LoganCreeper50, MylesRatliff and former Hoyenah David_Crocket winning the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Chief spots respectively. The Wabanaki Nation-Provinces were created this month with East being founded on the 4th, South being founded on the 6th and West being founded on the 7th. In November a lot of new players joined the nation, with more towns joining this month than any previous month in Wabanaki/Canadian history. Wabanaki did encounter some problems when the server decided to change their nation naming rules, resulting in the provinces of Wabanaki having to be disbanded and remade with the names being changed from Wabanaki_East, Wabanaki_South and Wabanaki_West to Iroquois, Comanche and Cree respectively. The Fort War also happened in this month, where Panama declared war on Wabanaki after a long string of misunderstandings between the two nations, though, the conflict was resolved soon after it started. Overall, the groundwork was laid this month for Wabanaki to soar in the future, though, it did hit some bumps in the road along the way that it then needed to recover from in the upcoming months.

The Era of the ??? - December 2018 Edit

In December Sharkfynn1012 was elected as Hoyenah and the 5 chiefs were, David_Crocket, LoganCreeper50, YodaBest, B99B12, and CrispyChipotle.

During this month not much happened the Government was finishing getting the nations up and running. They also had a vote for their new flag which became the flag that we see on this wiki page. This month opened up talks about a 4th nation. The nation of the Netherlands was trying to move so that they could become the fourth nation in Wabanaki. They decided to move to Greenland as the elected officials were discussing if they should have a fourth nation.

The Era of the ??? - January 2019 Edit

January would see the former Secretary of Interior, MylesRatliff, become Hoyenah, the 3 chiefs would be, Sharkfynn1012, CrispyChipotle, and Yoda Best.

This month would bring an update to the constitution and the changing of the rank known as 'Edgy bois' which was mainly for influential people that left the nation to still be able to see chats. Some citizens did not like the change in the constitution saying that it was giving to much power to the government.

Wabanaki saw the rise of Political Parties again, seeing the parties of the: Communist Party, Nationalist Party, National Conservative Party, and The People's Party. People who have been in the community for a long time fear that political parties will crush the community, other people say that they are just a meme.

The Era of the ??? - February 2019 Edit

In the month of February MylesRatliff would be reelected as Hoyenah, originally Sharkyfynn1012, CrispyChipotle, YodaBest, Seranil, and EchoOcelot, would become chiefs, but the person running the elections was unaware that some of the people voting were banned or were from the last server and never joined Terra Nova. So after removing all of the votes from non-citizens it pushed CrispyChipotle down in results and made DDime rise making the chiefs become, Sharkyfynn1012, DDime, YodaBest, Seranil, and EchoOcelot. The Fourth Nation was confirmed to become a "territory" of Wabanaki until it go to a certain population or number of towns. This month saw signifigant growth in both the population and the activity of the nation as a whole, with new people truely become part of the community for really the first time since the terra nova update. This month also saw the fall of Wabanaki's former rivals, the United States. This month was probably the best month in the history of Wabanaki on terra nova, and things only look to be looking up from there for the nation

Provinces Edit

Iroquois Edit

Iroquois is a province of Wabanaki located in the easternmost portion of the nation. Its capital is Wabanaki_East, and its current holder is the longtime Chief and current Secretary of Interior, MylesRatliff. Iroquois was founded on November 4th, 2018.

Cree Edit

Cree is a province of Wabanaki located in the westernmost portion of the nation. Its capital is Wabanaki_West, and its current holder is the retired leader DDDime (Freshman97). Cree was founded on Novermber 7, 2018

Comanche Edit

Comanche is a province of Wabanaki located in the southernmost portion of the nation. Its capital is Wabanaki_South, and its current holder is the former Hoyenah, and current Chief, YodaBest. Comanche was founded on November 6th, 2018.

Wabanaki (Rename Pending) Edit

With EchoOcelot becoming chief he pushed his 4th nation. Instead of being in greenland he wanted it to be in the Carribean. So he moved it to Hispaniola. It was voted that it would become a territory of Wabanaki, meaning that while its citizens would be citizens of the nation, its capital would not be involved in the rotation process until it gathers a large enough population to become a province.

Greenland (Cancelled) Edit

Greenland was a planned province of wabanaki that was ultimately cancelled. Greenland was located in the northernmost portion of the nation. Its capital Wabanaki_North, and its current holder is former Military Leader, EchoOcelot. Greenland was canceled as the 4th province after a vote voted that it should not become the 4th nation.

Government Edit

Wabanaki's government is a democracy. The elect new leaders every month. Every month they have an election for who should be the next Hoyenah and who should be the next chiefs. The amount of Chiefs that they have are from three to five, the amount of chiefs depends on the population of Wabanaki at the time of the election. Wabanaki uses rank choice voting. For more in detail information about Wabanaki's government and how it works, please check out Wabanaki's Constitution, which can be found at the link below: