The Wanama riots, also known as the Wanama uprising were a series of riots that took place in New Graz, New Ulm, and Panama City. The Riots took place after citizens of West Panama known as "Wanama" felt oppressed by East Panama, and Wanama had a long feud with the Eastern side with Panama and no longer wanted to be under the control of them, and Wanama citizens felt their much supported Presidente, Oretin was not being given the power he rightfully deserved, and Eastern Oligarchs were still controlling the nation.

First Riot

West Panamanians stormed New Ulm, and huddled in Panama City with Oretin. But Eastern police surrounded Panama City and forced the Rioters to surrender.

The Second Riot

In the second riot, the towns New Graz and Tropisch declared independence from Panama and claimed Wanama to be independent, this resulted in The Panamanian federal government declaring martial law in Wanama. The citizens of West Panama did not take kindly to this. A full riot-battle broke out in the streets of New Graz. Chaos broke out, and eventually rioters took Eastern Oligarch, paperpikmin, hostage.

The Riots calmed down after this, as the Panamanian feds had left, but later another police raid was carried out on Wanama, this time many foreigners had come to assist Wanama in its struggle.


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