War Template guide

A war template is to give a brief explanation of what happened. The info box beside this text explains a large amount of it.


Real guide

Name of war (Can be renamed if the first was incredibly bad.)

Explain how it started, what it did, who fought in it. (Example)

The British-Scottish wars were a series of wars between Britain and Scotland and allies, it affected the entire British Isles and resulted with the British occupying Aberdeen and Nicola Sturgeon fleeing to Greenland. (Obviously fictional and made up for example)

Start of war XXth of Month, Year

The very start of the war, may include diplomacy, demands and the first few battles. (Example) After diplomacy broke down and Britain demanding the border regions of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon said: We will not stand for these monarchists to take our freedom! We will fight them until we are none! Afterwards the British Prime Minister declared war. (Not to be offensive to the British)

Do what you want.

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