Disambiguation This article is about Warsaw. You may be looking for Warszawa.

NOTE: You may be looking for today's Warsaw as old Warsaw has fallen about year ago. The last update was on 6th April 2020.

Warsaw was a city located on Masovia and it was founded by bartek50b on first of November 2018. It didn't become capital, but Gdańsk became. It finally received the status of a capital in Summer 2019 when xHyper20 gained the power and he was a mayor of Warsaw city.

Warsaw has fallen on 14th September 2019 due to bartek50b's inactivity, its then mayor.

Białystok has claimed a majority of its land to avoid griefing and stealing items.


First week

Warsaw had 8 citizens and was the biggest city in Poland. bartek50b, Snoowy4K, Olgierd06 and Ciasteczkowymix have built a lot of buildings.

Buildings that were built on 1st week

  • castle (1/11/2018)
  • roads 3/11/2018)
  • stone wall (4/11/2018 - 12/11/2018)
  • farm (3/11/2018)
  • houses (3/11/2018) - (6/11/2018)
  • underground (6/11/2018)

Second Week

Two people left Warsaw because Poznan hadn't enough population and tax was too high. Warsaw joined to Poland on 9/11/2018. This week Warsaw had only 3 active players.

Buidings that were build on 2nd week

  • town hall (9/11/2018)
  • military base (10/11/2018)
  • palace (12/11/2018)


  • Polish raids of Bornholm
  • Warsaw farm has been griefed once
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