Early History

Wenatchee was founded by Vorobyevite who is a former citizen of Port Angeles, with the idea of Democracy at its core. With a band of 5 other players, they set out on an expedition to the Cascade mountain range, and plotted the rough area of where the town would be established.

Work began on the Cascade Range Terraforming Project, where the foundation for Pybus Market was laid. Later on within the founding week, the George Sellar bridge was constructed, connecting the city to the eastern half of the Columbia, opening up to expand into Eastern Washington State. Residential zones began construction in East Wenatchee the following week, with apartment-style housing being built.

Inactivity & Transfer to Jefferson

Following their succession from Cascadia, Wenatchee was the capital of the Salish Federation from the Founding of Salish (Feb 9 2020) until April 17, 2020. The people of Wenatchee played a critical role in the founding of Salish and near the start of Salish, a majority of the population lived in Wenatchee. This number started to decline as a majority of the town by March became inactive, along with Vorobyevite, who at the time was the in-game nation leader despite the fact that the elected chancellor was JTPilfered of Seattle.

Near the turn of the month, JTPilfered and Seattle left Salish to join the State of Jefferson. As JTPilfered was the incumbent chancellor, sayerbtheiss was elected chancellor. On April 17, sayerbtheiss coordinated with NoneAvailable (a councillor of Lakeview, Jefferson) and Vorobyevite to get NoneAvailable to become the mayor of Wenatchee and revive it as part of Salish while also switching the Salish Capital to Seattle. This has proved immensely effective and Salish has significantly rebounded.

On April 20, CaptnClutch7810, the Commander of Jefferson had an unnamed personal tragedy and took a hiatus from EarthMC. NoneAvailable took his place as commander and went back to Lakeview, leaving Wenatchee with one of CaptnClutch's irl friends.


Wenatchee's expansion was rapid, growing well over 120 chunks in the first week, which upset some of its neighbors. Walla Walla, Washington expressed its concern over Wenatchee's rapid expansion, and warned that if it crossed over an old gravel road on the east side of the Columbia River, that Washington would secede from Cascadia in a Civil War in order to protect what Washington claimed as their own land. This dispute ended quietly, and no further mention has been said after Washington left Cascadia.

Delegate System

Wenatchee has a sub-government alongside the Salish Federation government. Citizens of Wenatchee invited to join the role of a Delegate after reaching activity for seven days, or by the Executive Delegate directly granting the role of Delegate to citizens who show particular talent. The Delegate role gives each citizen that invested their time and effort into Wenatchee a way to shape the town as a group. Delegates vote for an Executive Delegate every month, who represents their interests as a whole, and proposes them to the Mayor. Alongside this, there are several elected Titles that Delegates can campaign for that allows certain privileges and responsibilities. Titleholders may only hold two titles at most. The Mayor, Executive Delegate, and all Delegates vote in ballots posted every week, ranging from amendments to existing rules, to changes within the city, and new laws. This system has not been functioning ever since Wenatchee became inactive and we have yet to see if it will be implemented back if Jefferson revives it.

Salish Federation

On the 9th of February, 2020, Vorobyevite, and other towns sympathetic to the cause had communications discussing their distaste with the Cascadian government, leaked by KingBerman of Cascadia. Cascadia has accused the newly formed Salish Federation of embezzling funds from Cascadia, as they did with Pacific Republic, which has been proven false by Estonian_Mapping themselves saying that payments were gifts, and not loans requiring payments back. What followed was a furious response from an already weakened Cascadia, dealt blows from Washington and Ontario leaving the union. The Salish Federation leaders are to be put on trial on 2/11/20, which none plan to attend, viewing it as nothing but a sham only to incriminate those who wanted freedom from Cascadia's fading democracy.

Notable Citizens

Vorobyevite - Founder, Former Mayor

2knelson - Founding Treasurer

Isacle - Founding Architect

PizzaJon - Founding Redstone Engineer, Former Resident due to Inactivity

NoneAvailable - Renovator, Current Honorary Mayor, Former Mayor

Significant Structures

Pybus Market

Pybus Market

George Sellar

George Sellar Bridge

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