The Start

The start of Wendover was when the owner of Rhodes

(Kolyenu) passed over the leadership of the town to Solariu. This was done for many reasons, the main ones were

  • Kolyenu was bored on Rhodes, since terraforming is illegal.
  • He wanted to be with his friends from a different server.

The Town's Description

The town is a State ran Capitalist society, which mostly focuses on expanding the town and nation by getting more members and land. The town is split into 1 chunk plots (15 x 15 due to the passageways). The only exceptions to this are the United Wendover Government Control Building and the Manor of Gaganess (both are 4 x 4 plots (30 x 30)). The town, like Rhodes, is an Unofficial Orthodox town, although it has some Jewtsuism in the town.


The town (as of 12/21/18) has no official districts, although it has set out areas for farms and storage.

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