West-Falklands is a ghost-town located in the Falkland Islands. Only a few members remain after Joel02 left.

Founded by former mayor Joel02, a British user who decided to settle there on March 31, 2019 after rejoining EarthMC.


Before the town was first created, both of the Falkland Islands were La Plata's, so, the town creation caused tensions in this nation.

After one day of fighting, the peace came and the king of La Plata, SoyGalletita and Joel02 both agreed to own one of the Falkland Islands each.

As of 6/4/19, the town is closed for renovations, the town it contains:

  • A French embassy
  • A foreign ministers office
  • A house owned by the prime minister
  • A small office for local police
  • A small beach
  • Lots of Housing (mainly)
  • EG Tower (in construction)
Screenshot 1139

East side of the town

Joel02's departure, subsequent kicking of all members, and a few other things led directly to the "Cold Crusade" otherwise known as The Glacial-Argentina War.
Screenshot 1140

West side of the town.

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