West Indies Crisis

On 31/10/19 the Dominican Republic was founded by 32Pierronus. This caused the town Rico Extended to expand quickly into Hispaniola, and request gold from other towns in New Spain, including Caribe Bay after Trinidad-Tobago refused to help Rico ExtendedEnriquillo then changed nations, and became apart of the Dominican Republic. After talks between xPadpai and 32Pierronus, the Dominican Republic joined New Spain as an overseas colony. Unfortunately this increased tensions in the region, as mayors in New Spain began to have to pick sides, many towns are in support of the Dominican Republic, however some towns are in support of Puerto Rico. Tensions grew more after New Spain failed to make any agreements with Dame-Marie. The island of Hispaniola now still completely divided between 3 sides. The Dominican Republic and Rico Extended are now at war, New Spain is now in a civil war, as towns are becoming forced to choose sides.The island of Haiti was completely divided between 3 sides. The conflict ended after Puerto Rico joined the Republic of Dominica.

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