Early History

Winthrop was founded by sayerbtheiss who is a former citizen of Astoria, London, and Vancouver, after multiple failed attempts at creating towns such as La Conner and Port Townsend. After failing at her endeavour at Port Townsend, she ventured into the mountains to find a town that she had been to in real life and has had an enjoyable time there. She established the town on 21 January 2020. During this time she experimented with the alternative names of "Okanagon" and "Leavenworth" with neither of those panning out. The first building there was Methow Square, which worked as the only building in the town until February 15, when the Winthrop Grand Station was constructed. It was originally created as part of the Republic of Cascadia but later succeeded and joined the Salish Federation with Vorobyevite, JTPilfered and others in that area.

Later History

The first major expansions to Winthrop came in the form of Chewuch Street, which to this day acts as the central street for the town. The Winthrop Inn began construction early on, as well as the construction of the Southern Ocean Consulate and Cascade Commerce. Cascade Commerce and the Inn have not been finished, due to other projects by sayerbtheiss but she plans on finishing them in the near future. In May, a huge expansion into the Southwest occurred, claiming most of the planned "Shuksan Park". Recently the Winthrop Clocktower was finished, and it can be seen all the way from Wenatchee or Okanagon, at around 60 blocks of height. It was also at this time that sayerbtheiss was joined by Estonian_Mapping who was the former president of Cascadia and former mayor of both Olympia and Port Angeles. This caused a surge of new residents, mainly from people who knew Estonian and got activity-kicked from other towns. It was also at this point that Jace Bellerenn (Formerly MalachiTheGreen) rejoined after being activity kicked.


When Winthrop was close to being established, Walla Walla attempted to cut short the creation of Winthrop, by attacking members of the expedition to Winthrop, which included sayerbtheiss and Solar_City of Siloam Springs.

It was the site of extreme escalation of Salish-Washington tensions and sometimes reffered to as the first blood of the Cascadian Civil War, when BonZZil of Walla Walla launched several assassination attempts on sayerbtheiss because he refused to leave Salish. The first two attempts were successful, with the first one being in Winthrop and the second one being in Paraguay alongside JTPilfered. The third attempt was unsuccessful and was the last attempt of the day. Washington launched multiple assassination attempts later but were all unsuccessful.

On February 21, 2020, a Washingtonian TNT Trap was discovered 6 meters outside of the Winthrop claim inside the Winthrop Park Tunnel on the North Cascade Iceway. It exploded but got reconstructed by the game, except for 2 blocks of blue ice. The town has considered reporting proximity grief to the mods but hasn't.

sayerbtheiss and subsequent residents of Winthrop have faced harassment from members of Rio Grande, specifically BonZZil but also at some points Cubs_ and Samisol.

Salish Federation

On the 9th of February, 2020, Vorobyevite, and other towns sympathetic to the cause (including Winthrop) had communications discussing their distaste with the Cascadian government, leaked by KingBerman of Cascadia. Cascadia has accused the newly formed Salish Federation of embezzling funds from Cascadia, as they did with the Pacific Republic, which has been proven false by Estonian_Mapping themselves saying that payments were gifts, and not loans requiring payments back. What followed was a furious response from an already weakened Cascadia, dealt blows from Washington and Ontario leaving the union. The Salish Federation leaders were scheduled to be on trial on Valentines' Day 2020, but no one attended and the Salish Federation has mended ties with Cascadia.

sayerbtheiss was elected chancellor of the Salish Federation on April 1, 2020, and was faced with an inactive nation. Salish has become significantly more active, as well as sayerbtheiss starting to recruit new citizens.

Notable People

sayerbtheiss - Founder, Mayor, Lead Architect, City Planner

Jace Bellerenn (formerly MalachiTheGreen) - Councillor, Owner of the Winthrop Ranch

Estonian Mapping - Councillor, Co-City Planner, Deputy Mayor

Solar_City - Ally, Mayor of Siloam Springs

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