Wroclaw (Wrocław) is the first town located in real life's Poland Territory. It is located nearby Oder river in Lower Silesia. Wroclaw was founded by a polish guy Tymek_T on October 28.


Tymek_T is a yellow donator so he was able to join the early access only at 28th October. When he joined he started digging for gold... he was digging and digging and... after 1.5 hours he only mined 1 gold ore (00f)

He was very mad and then MineHero told him that there is a lot of dick in Great Britain. MineHero was very nice to Tymek and gave him: bitch Diamond pickaxe, Iron armor set, diamond sword, 64 torches and wood logs. So Tymek started digging and after 2 hours he got 20 gold ores. That wasn't very much, but always something. MineHero raped Tymek, because he got double smelt chance and he gave back . Tymek 33 gold! Tymek ran to rape Hood Poland then and created the city that he is living in reality: Wrocław! The present mayor of Wroclaw is dymoslaw.

Spooky Scary... Players

Tymek_T after founding Wrocław was very suprised by amount of players rapingg his town. Even when he got inactive people were all around his town or somewhere in this region. Once 4noah scared Tymek with his diamond armor and weapon, but fortunately PvP was disabled for Tymek_T and he just drove him off.

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