Wuhan is a large town located in central China, next to the Yangtze River. It is currently the 4th largest town in Qin. At this time, Wuhan aims to be the "cutest town on EMC". The town structures are built using primarily magenta terracotta and dark oak.

Its flag was created on April 22, 2019. It is very similar to the Qin flag, with some alterations in order to represent the town of Wuhan.

It is easily accessible from the capital.

Wuhan is one of the more peaceful Qin towns compared to Xianyang as the kill count of its residents is very low.


Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 12.00.32 PM

Ingame map of Wuhan as of April 22, 2019

The following list is of all the current architecture in Wuhan:
  • Wuhan Twin Tower
  • Wuhan Central Temple
  • LianJiang Tower
  • Wuhan Restaurant / Hotel
  • Wuhan Stable
  • Wuhan Barn
  • Wuhan Bank
    2019-06-19 22.48.08

    Wuhan Twin Tower (Work in Progress) as of June 19, 2019

  • Wuhan Residential districts 1 and 2
  • Wuhan Warehouse
  • Wuhan Villagers Trading Center
  • Wuhan Farmer's Market
  • Riverside seating area
  • Wuhan East Park
  • Wuhan Public Resource House
  • Wuhan Public Brewing Room
  • Wuhan Underground Farm

Notable People

  • Mayor yogiannie
    • The second citizen to join after the reform. She was responsible for the caring of the underground farm and animals at first, and had participated more in the building of Wuhan afterwards. She inherited the town from the former mayor hopeless408 on 8th May, 2019.
  • Councillor Omoshiroi_Sana (glowstone lover)
    • Have improved the lighting of Wuhan, helped with many buildings of Wuhan and built the Wuhan Twin Tower.
  • Former Mayor hopeless408
    • She was the first mayor of Wuhan and built most of Wuhan's structures and facilities. She also the Former Empress, alongside Former Emperor Englavian.
  • Former citizen xpfung_YT (Currently the Mayor of Chongqing)
    • The first citizen to be recruited by hopeless. He has helped greatly during the demolishing and initial reconstruction of Wuhan.


Old Hankou

Wuhan, formerly Hankou, was the capital of the now-defunct Ming Dynasty that was founded near the original Qin dynasty. Under Ming, Aiden was the mayor of Hankou. 

The Ming Dynasty later became the Tang Dynasty and Aiden abdicated the nation and capital to Keenno90. 
Later, when Keenno90 transferred emperorship to Englavian, the Tang capital became Xianyang. Keenno90 remained as mayor of Hankou up until March 23, 2019, when Keenno90 appointed hopeless408 as the mayor after recommendation from Englavian. This is due to Keenno90 quitting EMC.

Under hopeless408, Hankou underwent major renovations with all buildings being demolished except for the central temple, which was rebuilt block by block to match the new colour scheme. Hankou grew from a 35 chunk town to a 70 chunk town in less than a month and is still growing with a decent fortune in its bank. A map screenshot of Hankou before hopeless became mayor is provided for reference. 

On April 7, 2019, the town name was changed to Wuhan in order to be more geographically accurate.

On May 8, 2019, Former Empress hopeless408 appointed Yogiannie as the new mayor of Wuhan.

On June 24, 2019, the profile of former Empress hopeless408 was deleted.

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