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xenomorph07 (also known as xeno, cutiladatm, pedro andreal dono do brasil™ &c.) is a player that joined Terra Nova on the 1st of November, 2018.


Pre-Terra Nova

Before the release of Terra Nova, he was one of the main idealisers of the Empire of Brazil, along with Dom_Pedro_Alex, his most trustworthy, respected partner, and friend for life, kaue_terror, &c.

Early History

Upon joining Terra Nova, xenomorph07 spawned in northern Kazakhstan. Initially, his objective was to reach South America & help in the foundation of Brazil. After a long time travelling on foot and sailing across the Caspian, Black & Mediterranean seas & a little of the Atlantic Ocean, he reached the Madeira Archipelago. From this point onwards, the journey to South America was significantly shortened as he joined São Paulo (an urbs antiqua®), magically teleported to there & travelled northeast until he arrived in Rio de Janeiro.

Upon arrival, it didn't take long until his friend kaue_terror got there through the same teleportation trick, and so therein they built the foundations of the greatest city of Brazil.

Oh yeah, and Dom_Pedro_Alex was there, too.

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