Xingu used to be an independent nation located in the northern part of Brazil. It used to count with 6 towns, Mehinaku (capital), Brasilia, Macuxi, Naruvotu, Townham and Port Hope, the nation had 112 residents and 537 chunks. Xingu has formed Brazil.

The Xingu Empire
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Tribes of Xingu
National Anthem
Name in Towny Xingu
Motto You all must praise the sun.
Population 112
Chunks 537
/n list page 2
Capital City FLXingu.png Mehinaku
Largest City FLXingu.png Mehinaku
Oldest City FLXingu.png Townham
Established August 28, 2020
Government Information
Leader FLXingu.png Pajé Olivio90
Chancellors FLXingu.png AfroboyasherVEVO
FLXingu.png Hungrey_
FLXingu.png yt_sandor
Prime Minister
Political System Tribal Democratic Socialism
Economic System Market Socialism
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English
Portugueselanguage.png Portuguese (spoken by 10 residents)
Official Religion
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders
Past Capitals

The name comes from the real-life Xingu, which is a tribe of a few thousands of people who live in the coasts of the Xingu River, at the north of Brazil.

About the name:

Xingu in real life is a region in Brazil where native habitants has been untouched by modern society. The term also designates to Xingu's River, Xingu's people and Xingu's national cultural preservation zone.


Residents can build whatever they want in their plots.

1. Xingu has a democratic system where decisions are taken by all the residents (with the same power and influence) by polls in the nation discord server, the King only power's is to create polls.

2. Every resident has the right for one plot to build his house. The propiety of a resident is respected above everything. Not even the mayor is able to change a block in a resident's plot. The only exception is if the resident has scammed other resident.

Flags are everywhere

3. The government counts with the residents colaboration in gold at the Bank, but in charge of that, every resource of the government is meant to be for everyone, but one cannot have it all, so the government trys to share the resources in a quantity that wont affect other players.

4. A poll was created making the Ministers system, where ministers can act when something emergencial happens. (poll number 27). Check below the terms of the poll:

King of brazil about xingu

The king of Brazil, Ketchoop about Xingu never becoming a colony.

  1. DEFENSE MINISTER Has the power to prepare the army and make the strategies in case of war. If there is a war, he is also able to elaborate attacks without having to ask for polls. He can also build anything related to make defenses or preparations for the town without having to ask for polls.
  2. TRANSPORT MINISTER Has the power to make anything related to roads/streets/international roads and things like that without having to ask for the polls.
  3. JUSTICE MINISTER Has the power to claim the Courthouse to make judgements, on which he will be the main judger +2 other random residents. He is also responsible for representing our nation worldwide.
  4. ACTIVITY MINISTER Responsible for keeping active people in the town. Can make funny events to make sure people wont leave, can invite new residents and kick inactive ones. He can also edit the inactive-list channel in this discord server.
  5. BUILDING MINISTER Responsible for making the town look better. He can rebuilt any public structures and project the new ones, can also determinate the new plots bought by someone be used for roads.
  6. COMMERCIAL MINISTER Responsible for be sure our nation is a good comercial point, one tries to make people come to our N spawn and to somehow help the town to get more gold and keeping our nation's economy without taxes.
  7. PRIME MINISTER Responsible for all things above.




Before the nation (June 18, 2020 - August 27, 2020)

On June 17, 2020, the Brazilian user Olivio90 came back to the server EarthMC. After having bad experiences on the server, he has decided to make his own town.

Downtown of Mehinaku

He made a town at the north of Brazil, called Mehinaku, the name of the native tribe that occupies the region. The town was established by Olivio90 without concerns and without any help, he also had problems with players that couldnt accept a town in the region. It was built under the ruins of a town named "Nueva Espana" which and this is why the town has preserved the historical ruins of the ancient town that once occupied the region.

The northern area of the continent was let down for a long time and the trees of the area wouldnt let people arrive near the town. Becouse of that, the city of Mehinaku was under isolation on its beginning, making the town and the region near it a safety place.


The nation of Brazil has invited Mehinaku to become part of the town, and since Mehinaku was far from other nations, Mehinaku accepted the invite. Brazil gave support to the town to grow up, but with the support, the town also fought against Brazil's political problems. The consequence of it was several raids that happened on the town, although its isolation. So a lot of raids and attacks were made in the small town of Mehinaku, making the town have a bad relation with the nation of Pakistan.

Because of it, the town had to change its system for a system that shares resources with its residents, trusting on its residents and becoming a community based on colaboration, becoming a comunist town. Surprisingly, it quickly became a huge and active town due to its ideal location in the middle of South America reaching 50 residents in less than one month.

One of the characteristics of this system is the polls system: the residents could option what would be the future of the town based on what they belived. The result of one of this polls was the Xingu's Nation. Since the first week of July, the residents of Mehinaku had the plan of making a nation, and it also had a small financial help from Brazil, in order to provide a further expansion for Brazil, whose ratio didn't reach the northernmost parts of their territory. The saving of gold for the nation began at the end of July and finished on August 27, 2020.

The first steps (August and September 2020)

Xingu‎‎ was founded on Friday, August 28, 2020 at 6:40 PM UTC during a ceremony held at the Parliament Building of Mehinaku, where 8 users assisted.


On August 29, 2020, Xingu declared independence of Brazil (due to not looking to be involved in future possible wars) following a poll made to all the nation residents.

Independence party.

During the party of independence, while lot of nations from all around the world sent a message recognizing the independence of Xingu, the server received a special moment: big crates were given to everyone. Becouse of it, the Parliment was fullfilled with fireworks. Because of that, the day of independence of Xingu is known as Firework Day.

Later that day, the king of Brazil, ketchoop, contacted the capital of Xingu trying to change the situation with terms for Mehinaku to come back to Brazil: a poll was then made and the result was to stay independent. According to residents from Xingu, it was due to the raids the capital has faced becouse of Brazil international problems. Nowadays, Brazil and Xingu colaborate with a term of defensive pact and plan to, one day, to be part of the same nation.

The trial of the ex-president of Brazil


At September 03, the Xingu's Courthouse has judged the ex president of Brazil, Maganother, for the accusation of scamming and beeing elected president without considerate Mehinaku's votes into his election when Mehinaku was part of Brazil, which was considered a coup d'etat. The courthouse judgers were A_gust, Hungrey_ and, to be sure that it would have neutrality, the court also had ItzNotNeon (emperor of the Russian Empire).
With unanimity the court has decided to condemn the ex-president of Brazil to Death Sentence.

The trial

Becouse of the trial, Xingu and Brazil's issues got passed away and both nations started to colaborate even more than before. The city of Bauru, in the south of the continent, located near the capital of Rio de Janeiro, has decided to join the Xingu Empire with the city of Fegurõ, a neighboor city of Bauru. After some days, Brazil promoted the city of Masterpix in the north side of the continent and made it part of Xingu as a friendly act. Eventually, Brazil got Fegurõ back again and both nations had no more bad issues between them. Xingu remains with the city of Bauru and Masterpix.

The friendship between Xingu and Brazil made a good bond, both nations started to colaborate and even talked about possible union, but nothing was approved by the concil of Xingu's Polls, becouse the residents didnt like the idea of comming back to the nation that once made the capital, Mehinaku, pass through so much trouble. Brazil and Argentina convinced the South Cone Union, an alliance with most of the south american nations, to invite Xingu to the alliance, and since the Xingu's concil has approved the idea, Xingu became part of the SCU (South Cone Union) with the nations of Chile, Patagonia, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay and Peru.

The Olympics of 2020.


After joining the SCU, the Union started the promotion of the 2020's Olympics and choosed 3 towns to hold the games at the same time: Mehinaku (Xingu), Malvinas (Argentina) and Disneyland (Brazil). Due to internal problems, Malvinas had to leave the games and since Disneyland wasnt entirelly ready to prepare itself to hold the games, Mehinaku accepted the challange to hold all the games alone. With a lot of effort, AfroboiArzouma, the builder of the town, made the impossible to make the structure of the town be ready to the olympics. He has also build other buildings on the town before, so the task where given to him.

Besides the town of Mehinaku was in construction, with determination, the residents of the town made the games become true and all the games were ready to be played. The games had more than 25 players and a lot of residents from Xingu played it. At once, the city had 10 residents playing at the same time.[1]

Here comes the official video from SCU about the games: v=uvislElA3Ec&

You can also watch a video from a resident who recordered the play:

The gold medal went to Hungrey_ (Xingu), earning 100g, the Silver Medal went to BlackBox9105 (Xingu), earning 2 mending books and the Bronze Medal went to Ketchoop (Brazil), a turtle shell.

The end

Xingu was independent nation but agreed on the pact of the Pindorama Union, an agreement international pact. The pact was the first attempt to make an union but it end up as just a formal pact to make the nations more close to each other. In the end of October, the monarch of Brazil and the representant of Xingu, Getfrosted with the symbolical leader of Xingu, Olivio90, made an agreement on making the Union become something real. The King wanted to have his own spawn and wanted the new nation to fund a new nation in south of brazil in order to make MagAnother in a confortable situation. The pact was to unite both nations into one Democratic Republic with the capital in Mehinaku, all the brazilian towns would join Xingu and Xingu would become Brazil, the republic, the town of Paranangua at south of the Old Brazil (term to refer to monarchic brazil of Ketchoop) became the Province of Parana, but due to influence of the Hispanic nations of Argentina and Uruguay the province was named as Los_Pampas. Rio de Janeiro, that was once the capital of the Old Brazil would join the Federative Republic of Brazil and a new province would be created in the middle of Rio de Janeiro, the city of Copacabana with a nation named Rio by Liao_Niwa, who sacrificed herself for making a better nation.

In her words: "if it will make the nation grow, i'm ready to sacrifice myself". Niwa.png

With that, the Republic of Brazil was born with the provinces of Piaui, Para, Rio and Los Pampas.

An interesting situation is the Nation of Brazil never disbanded, it passed from the Old Brazil to the New Brazil. With that, since the Old Brazil also was given from a previous Brazil, we can say that Brazil is a really old nation that survives over time with different generations and politics.


Xingu Government as of October 2020

Past governments

October to November 2020

  • Prime minister: Hungrey_
  • Commercial minister: GloireEtDouleir
  • Buildings minister. FelipeJMar
  • Defense minister: yt_sandor
  • Transport minister: Kilomberox
  • Justice and International minister: getfrosted
  • Activity minister: xCQB


Xingu is a good place to do sports as it has hosted one olympic event so far (the first edition of the South Cone Union olympics).

Mehinaku counts with a multi-purpose stadium (mainly used for PVP-related events) on the borders of the city and a huge ice racing course bordering all the town.


Xingu is not a strong nation about military as this area is yet to be developed by the defense minister. There is one army though (Xingu Army) which was founded on October 22, 2020.

Xingu Army

The official national army was founded on October 22, 2020 and it counts with 10 soldiers.

The commander is yt_sandor.


The transport industry is still being developed on Xingu and its one of the most growing areas of the country in the last weeks.


There are six highways on the nation:

  • XN-1 (from Naruvotu to Milkyway) [FINISHED]
  • XN-2 (from Naruvotu to Materpix) [FINISHED]
  • XN-3 (from Mehinaku to Brasilia) [FINISHED]
  • XN-4 (from Mehinaku to Bauru) [FINISHED]
  • XN-5 (from Mehinaku to Macuxi) [UNFINISHED]
  • XN-6 (from Materpix to Port Hope) [UNFINISHED]

The design of the highways is pretty basic: they are three blocks wide (built of stone brick slabs) and the lighting is composed of torches placed on the trees that surround the route, thus preserving the nature essence of the Amazonia.

Xingu Highway Network map.


There are three railway routes on the nation:

  • Line A (Mehinaku - Macuxi - Townham) [FINISHED UNTIL MACUXI]
  • Line B (Mehinaku - Naruvotu - Brasilia) [FINISHED UNTIL NARUVOTU]
  • Line C (Mehinaku - Port Hope) [FINISHED, CONNECTS TO THE ICE-ROAD]

The work on the railways has began on October 25, 2020 after the central railway station at Mehinaku was finished.

Mehinaku Railway Station prototype.


There are only three working ice-roads:

  • Route from Naruvotu to Pará [FINISHED]
  • Route from Mehinaku to Townham [FINISHED]
  • Route from Port Hope to Mehinaku [FINISHED]

The transport ministry is not willing to spend much resources on developing ice-roads, as he considers they are useless for regional travelling (due to the short distances between towns) and not necessary for large-distance journeys. All the ice-roads were built by town mayors.


Xingu is part of a strong alliance with Brazil, Piauí and Pará, being also allied to lots of nations and having no enemies but Pakistan, specially because of the Dark Days. Out of the Pindorama alliance, the most notable allies are Monaco and Taiwan. Xingu also had good relations with Persia and Germany, therefore the german relation is purely comercial.

Xingu also had some complications with the Nation of Grosso because the owner of grosso refused to be annexed by Xingu. Nowadays Xingu and Grosso have no conflits.


Updated as of October 25, 2020

Current towns

Town name Mayor Population Chunks Funds Founded
Mehinaku Olivio90 100 448 593 June 18, 2020
Naruvotu AfroboiArzouma 5 26 0 September 24, 2020
Macuxi AuraZenn 3 6 1 October 20, 2020
Port Hope johnnydeputy 1 13 179 October 23, 2020
Brasilia liao_niwa 3 15 0 October 19, 2020
Townham RustyRoon 1 24 0 January 29, 2020

Past towns

Town name Mayor Left Reason
Bauru N/A October 13, 2020 Mayor inactivity
Materpix N/A October 20, 2020 Mayor inactivity
Feguro N/A Mid September 2020 The town joined Brazil
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