Yazd is a small town founded by two Kerman citizens Lallybroch and KoalaHawk, the two friends had been saving up for a while gold mining every day until they finally had 52 gold. At that point, they told Tamar the mayor of Kerman their plan, and Tamar agreed to help them and give the 12 extra gold. After consulting AD31 they decided to name the town Yazd and to build it over an old ruined town. Lallybroch was escorted by Tamar to the ruined location and got to work immediately. The lack of funding at the start meant that he and KoalaHawk would have to use vote gold and gold they mined to claim land. 

Land of Yazd

Yazd is in a vast desert-like most Persian towns, but Yazd has a layer of grass and a huge wall around it so when you are inside of Yazd it seems like you are in the middle of a plains biome.

Yazd House.png


One day after the claim a citizen of Shushan, prodan777 came to the town, after the two friends got over the worry that there might be an enemy, they greeted Prodan. Prodan was new to the server and was immediately was hooked by Yazd and joined the small town. Soon after, Lallybroch made a huge castle for him to live in. As well a this he made a town hall and shopping district. 

Yazd as a Small Town

Soon after Yazd got funding a command glitched causing many people to be kicked including prodan777. But soon after this, a new Icon of Yazd Joined poseidon_11 he helped build Yazd up not only buying 4 plots and building amazing houses but helping build a Plaza but halfway into the construction poseidon_11 left for 5 minutes and prodan777 came back a rejoined the town. Also at this time, the server rolled back and the work they did on the plaza was almost all gone.

Yazd as a Big Town

Yazd was growing fast almost 2 weeks after it was founded the town already had 18 people, this was thanks to Poseidon helping recruit and building a Casino and Gold Course.

Important Buildings

Yazd Plaza

Yazd Police Station

Yazd Tower

Yazd Bank

Yazd Post Office

Yazd Castle

Yazd Casino

That Titans of Yazd

The Titans of Yazd are 4 players, Lallybroch, KoalaHawk, prodan777, and poseidon_11. These four

The Titans of Yazd.png

responsible for building the foundations of Yazd

Lallybroch: Lallybroch was the first Titan of Yazd and is the founder of Yazd, he donates all of his money to Yazd and only spent it on stuff for Yazd, everything he did was for Yazd.

KoalaHawk: KoalaHawk is the second Titan of Yazd and he helped build many landmarks like the Plaza, Castle, and Bank. He also helped Lallybroch save up for Yazd when they both lived in Kerman

prodan777: Prodan is the third titan and the first titan to start in Yazd, Prodan was the first resident of Yazd other than Lallybroch or KoalaHawk and stayed with Yazd.

poseidon_11: Poseidon was the fourth and final Titan, he is easily the richest person in Yazd owning 90% of all shops, a golf course, and 6 plots one of which being a casino.

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