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East coast skyline (August 2020)

Previous Town names:

  • Newcastle
  • Tyne
  • North Yorkshire


Yorkshire is a British town located in northeast England and is part of the autonomous region of Scotland. It is known for its bizarre architectural styles, buildings, and blend of both older style builds and newer style builds. North Yorkshire is also known for being the only English town which is included in the autonomous region of Scotland and for the only town to be divided up into Districts.


North Yorkshire's districts are subdivisions within North Yorkshire that separate each area by its architecture and/or history

Newcastle (NC)

Yorkshire was founded within the Newcastle District. This district is popular for its tall buildings and serves as the downtown district.

Tyne (TY)

Tyne was the first district North Yorkshire expanded into. This District is popular for its medieval architecture and the Ground Towers.

Whitby (WT)

This district used to be its own town before it was annexed into Yorkshire. It is popular for its Town Hall and Yorkshire Arena.

Pennines (PN)

This is the most mountainous district of all of Yorkshire. It is popular for its hills and for being the biggest suburban area in the town.

Kendal (KN)

Bordering Glasgow and Wales, this district is a not developed. It is most popular for the Yorkshire Ice Race Track underground.

Sunderland (SN)

Sunderland is the most northern district in Yorkshire. Its territory includes the northern settlements of the Carlisle Wall.

Carlisle (CL)

This district also used to be its town before it was annexed into Yorkshire. Its most popular for the Carlisle Wall separating Britain and Scotland during their wars.

Aipotu (AP)

This district is its own town built on the old town of Dumfries. Unlike other western districts, this area is developed and known for the Wiznerd Laboratory.


Old British Age

Yorkshire was founded by the player MBEeditor under the name of Newcastle on April 16th 2019. The town was intended to be a major urban town in north England similar to London but failed to expand to its goals, only achieving a 5 chunk sized town and 4 builds.

Picture of the first buildings in North Yorkshire

Yorkshire remained as a one person and ended up joining Shanka's nation, United Kingdom for a month before the Town was put up for sale in May by Shanka.

Scottish Age

Yorkshire was purchased from Shanka shortly before he got banned for a price of 64 Gold by FBI Bro. This era was popularized by an abundance of switching nations and by the beginning of a new style of architecture.

United Kingdom

During its time under the UK, Yorkshire only managed to claim parts of the original buildings that were outside the claimed chunks.


During the time spent under Scotland, Yorkshire claimed further south and north of its original plots and constructed the Ground Towers. The town established an armistice with the neighboring York but was challenged by both Whitby and Dorset for land before establishing peace with them later on.Yorkshire's population also increased slowly during this time peaking at around 7 citizens. As part of Scotland, Yorkshire was added to the Scottish Ice Rail and represented Scotland in the now defunct Celtic Union.

New British Age

As part of the Scottish Autonomy agreement in late June 2019 between Britain and Scotland, Yorkshire joined Britain and was not initially included in the Scottish Autonomous Region. This age is popularized by the massive expansion of North Yorkshire in both size and population. As part of Britain, North Yorkshire connected itself with the British Ice Rail and roads, and began participating in the British Government.

Yorkshire saved up gold and annexed Dorset once it had fallen, expanding east along the English coast. In mid June, Yorkshire expanded west to Liverpool all at once and began establishing a new suburban district. Shortly afterwards Yorkshire began increasing its population to the point where it doubled in 2hrs.

Modern Day Expansion

Contemporary Expansion

After gaining enough gold and citizens, Yorkshire expanded westward into the modern day Pennines District and created a 3 by 3 claim all the way towards Glasgow. Due to the small size of Yorkshire, Britain was ok with Yorkshire claiming all the empty land north of Wales. By the spring of 2020, Yorkshire had claimed all of modern day Kendal District.

With more funding from the government, FBI_Bro claimed most of the territory of the fallen town of Carlisle. During the fall of Carlisle a rebel UK town, SCP_Foundation was created by Ulok. After the town was removed for claim blocking, Yorkshire quickly claimed territory around the original town and eventually hollow-claimed the empty land between Edinburgh.

When the new hollow-claim rule was announced summer of 2020, Yorkshire filled its hollow-claims however Edinburgh failed to deal with its hollow-claim and lost territory right in-between Yorkshire and Glasgow in previously known Dumfries. To prevent Dumfries from falling into rebel hands, Yorkshire funded the creation of a temporary new town, Aipotu.

Future Expansion

In the near future, Yorkshire will absorb Aipotu and institute it as a district. Yorkshire has also begun talks with London to buy bordering land next to the Pennines to flatten the border. Both expansions are immanent and wait on Yorkshire to recruit more people to prepare for expansion.


Newcastle (NC)

  • Crop Tower

  • Frederik Church

  • Heart Tower

  • Mushroom Lab

  • Mushroom Tower

  • Red Roof Inn

  • Statue Frederik

  • Tyne Railroad Station

Tyne (TY)

  • Ground Towers

  • Tyne Castle

  • The Tyne House

  • Tyne Peace Tower

Whitby (WT)

  • Town Hall

Pennines (PN)

  • Lumber Tower

Notable People

  • MBEeditor - Founder of Yorkshire
  • FBI Bro -   Current Mayor of Yorkshire
  • Angelx5 - Former Councillor of Yorkshire
  • Thugduale - Councillor of Yorkshire


Old Map of the Districts of North Yorkshire

New Map of the Districts of Yorkshire