Overview Edit

Yurmumism is a polytheistic religion founded online in the server chat but by a player named HiIAlsoExist

Beliefs Edit

Yurmums belive in the 13 gods of Mommatown. A town believed to be invisible to the human eye and exists in the map. But it is unreachable. They also belive in other gods that do not live in Mommatown

Gods of Mommatown Edit

  • Rick Astley: God of creation
  • Astley's Mum (Cynthia Astley): Goddess of care, loyalty and goodness
  • That Boi: (usually called the traveller god) God of travelling, exploring and towns
  • Baluigi: God of Death, despair and sadness
  • Mr. Peanut: God of pleasure, love and nutting
  • Bright Barrager: Goddess of war and storms
  • Arambae: Guard of the Heavens. God of justice, choice and law
  • Milly Bays: God of Wealth
  • Fix Jr: God of exile, pizza, power and society
  • Bario: Keeper of the underworld and god of punishment and crime
  • Jijo: Travveler among all words. God of balance, drugs and alcohol
  • Stain Loo: God of time, age and transitions
  • Suseg: God of faith and forgivness