Zagreb is Part of Austria_Hungry and is the real-life capital of Croatia. There are not many Landmarks since it's so new, but in the future there will be tons. This city has great potential to be strategic. The Statue is the tallest current statue on the server with a hight of 32 blocks.


JaydenIglesias made Zagreb on the 8th of December 2018. A few minutes after the town was made it joined the nation of Byzantium. The next day the first people started joining. The town soon left Byzantium and join Bohemia. After Jayden's death by nateizpro, RULERULTAMISjr (leader of Austria_Hungry) made a donations of armor. The next day Zagreb joined Austria_Hungry Becoming the first to do so.

Notable People

  • JaydenIglesias

Future Projects

  • First Houses
  • City Hall
  • City Bank
  • Storage
  • Roads Throughout The City
  • Train Station
  • The Vault

Completed Projects

  • The Satue


The mayor will be JaydenIglesias. There will be a vice mayor and other political jobs. The Vice Mayor will be elected. If JaydenIglesias resigns as mayor The citizens will vote in an election for a new mayor.


Joining the military this city is optional unless in times of war in which it's mandatory.


  • Griefing (Will be reported to Moderators)
  • Corruption / Political Bribery ( Imprisonment )
  • Spying for other nations ( Imprisonment forever )
  • Murder ( Kicked from the city or Imprisonment depending on the severity )
  • Scamming ( Fine depending on the severity )
  • Fighting for Enemies (Killed and Imprisonment)
  • All other server rules
Flag of Zagreb
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