Zaporozhye has fallen


Zaporozhye is the capitol of the Cossacks - the currently nation-less people specializing in horses, archery and renting their military for gold. It is located in it's IRL location on the Dnieper River, on the eastern side.


Before Terra Nova Release:

The Town was planned and build in singleplayer by Mining_Tzar after he was inspired to found the cossack capitol by seeing the painting "The Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks" by Ilya Repin., currently displayed in St. Petersburg. Upon checking the map however, it occured to Mining_Tzar that the area was already claimed by the illegitimate nation of Eastern Union (Now Baltoslavia). However, undeterred by this, he announced in the #general chat of the EMC discord that he intends to build a town in Eastern Union territory, no matter if it has been claimed or not, and most importantly, not join it.

Meanwhile, poswimol also planned building the city of Zaporozhye, and forming the Cossack Nation. However, knowing he wouldn't be able to get onto the server fast enough to beat anyone to the claim, he instead joined Mining_Tzar to become the co-founder of the Town. It was later decided that poswimol would become the Het'man (Leader) of the Cossack Nation, and Mining_Tzar would stay the mayor of the Town.

Several threats and pleas followed from Scary_Dragon, the leader of Eastern Union, as he tried to get the town into the nation, promising many things and titles. Mining_Tzar however, was undeterred and continued to be stubbornly independent. This all ended when Scary_Dragon informed Mining_Tzar that one of Eastern Union members, Vicke_Viking, was planning to build a town in the exact spot. This would result in a claim war on the release of Terra Nova, between Mining_Tzar and Eastern Union.

After Terra Nova Release:

Mining_Tzar tried to get help with gold in the form of a loan from Shoot_City, the mayor of Caen, as he often watched his streams, and FenZenyatta, a fellow discord poster and EU4 appreciator, all to no avail however due to them having personal issues with land claiming. Mining_Tzar spawned near IRL Novosibirsk as soon as Terra Nova opened and managed to travel to the Volga river, before joining Alexandria due to hunger issues and then taking a boat from the Mediterranean Sea to the Dnieper River. The town was founded on Nov 1st, with the first claimed chunk now part of the Hetman's residence in the Sich.

More Information to be added later.

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