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Zaragoza is the biggest town in Spain. The town was founded by RobotGamer with help from the Spanish King 32Pengun. It also used to be the most populated town of the server at one point.


Founded on 13th Of July 2019. RobotGamer__ has remained Mayor ever since its creation.


The town was founded in the old historic location of the old Zaragoza which doesn't have a very pleasant past... However Lord Mayor RobotGamer decided to form the new Zaragoza in its ruins and he has been expanding the new town ever since, with help from his residents. Most notable help coming from BlackSeptember, Lord Co-Mayor.

Zaragoza became the most populated town in July 2019, surpassing the population of New York City, London, Houston, Seoul, and Richmond. As of the 16th of August, it is the largest town, 2nd largest being Richmond at 73 residents.

Government System

Zaragoza has a governing system of the Lord Mayor, Co Mayor and Lords/Ladies.

The Lord Mayor has priority control. This means when hes online he is in-charge of the town. Second in priority is the Co Mayor. We also have a Parliament which votes on changes/bills which affect Zaragoza. Parliament consists of the House Of Lords. The house of lords is a democratic system where appointed Lords/Ladies vote on topics/changes/issues facing Zaragoza.

Notable People

  • Lord Mayor - RobotGamer__
  • Lord Co-Mayor - BlackSeptember
  • Lord Deputy Co-Mayor Mordor131998
  • General Of The Army - Mordor131998
  • Lady - 1Charlee
  • Lord - AwesomeFin2016
  • Sir - THE_BLUE_NINJA03
  • Sir - RangerRik


The Great Wall of Zaragoza (Biggest Project Of All Time, Built By BlackSeptember and Mordor131998)-

The EMP (Tallest Government Building In EarthMC) 265 Blocks Tall -

The Great Statue of Lord Mayor Chancellor Robot -

Old Bank Of Zaragoza -

Old Ice Road Elevator -

Zaragozan Military Base [Area 51] -