Zhumadian was established on May 9th, 2019. The initial proposal came from Miku_Master, he proposed to build a new town in Henan to get rid of the corrupt rule of Blueraining.

Late at night on May 8, Four Beijing residents(Tamoxic_Nyanko, Mo_Zn, amiaogakiyui1024, ju_tian_ye) with personal items left Beijing and came to Henan, after a period of discussion, it is determined to establish a town in Zhumadian.

Zhumadian's flag is similar to the flag of Qin, black stand for steady and calm, purple stand for sacred and auspicious, The sun divided into two pentagrams, the red one means vitality and blue one means harmonious, the white in the middle symbolizes Inclusive. Two pentagrams cross each other means unity. The town sits at an elevation of 65, and its tallest building is China Central Plains.


Preparation period(May 8th)

On May 8th, the founders of Zhumadian are dissatisfied with the mayor of Beijing(Blueraining ), prepare to build a new town away from Beijing. They built a secret underground base in the west of Beijing, And transfer the items from Beijing. They took brewing stand and enderchest(They also left one to Beijing), some diamond and stone away. Then they went to Henan to inspect the terrain and finally decided to establish a new town in Zhumadian. In order to avoid someone raiding, they chose to build the town later.

Hard start(May 8th- May 9th)

On the night of May 8th, They decide to let Tamoxic_Nyanko be the mayor of the new town, Tamoxic_Nyanko and Mo_Zn left Beijing immediately, amiaogakiyui1024 and ju_tian_ye stay in Beijing for the time being. On the way to Zhumadian, they were attacked by another player but successfully defeated the enemy. Then they came to the location of Zhumadian and established the Zhumadian with 64 gold.

But not long, four organized attackers came to Zhumadian, the city has no walls, so it can only fight. But once again, They succeeded. Immediately after then they started building the walls and bringing cows from Beijing. The wall is the prototype of the inner city of Zhumadian. And the pit they dug to protect the cow is the prototype of the huge underground system of Zhumadian.

High-speed development period(May 9th- June 3rd)

Because the players are very active, the city developed very quickly during this time. The wither skeleton spawn platform was built

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